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BIRTHDATE: 3/13/97

POSITION: Combo Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 188 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Wichita State

CLASS: Redshirt Sophomore


Shooting ability - One of the best shooters in college basketball. Shot 43.9% from 3 while attempting  4.6 3FGA per game.

Good Size - At 6'4" he has great size for a point guard

Basketball IQ - Has a great feel for the game and understanding of how to play

Combo Guard - Can play both guard spots equally well, comfortable spotting up and moving off the ball as well as running an offense

Pace - Plays the game at a great pace and always plays under control

Decision making - Despite being moved to point guard mid season, posted an impressive 3:1 assist to turnover ratio

Crafty scorer - 3 point shooting is his greatest strength; Also finds away to score inside the arc by getting to rim and shooting off the dribble

Ball handling - Shifty ball handler who changes directions well

Moving off the ball - Understands how to get open and proper spacing. Can score off pin downs and screens

Pick & Roll game - Ranked in top 89 percentile in country in scoring as a P&R ball handler


Athleticism - Does not pass the eye test as an NBA level athlete and lacks explosiveness

Quickness - Despite being a good shifty ball handler, will still need screens to get by NBA defenders

Strength - Like most prospects, he must get stronger and add muscle to his narrow frame

Injuries -  Already has multiple foot injuries

Defense - Averaged less than 1 steal per game

Passive - Would like to see him be more aggressive and assertive on offense. Only attempted 7.9 FGs and 2.4 FTA per game


Landry Shamet is an interesting prospect who should receive a lot of attention from NBA scouts this season once he's cleared to play after suffering his second foot injury of his college career. Fortunately for Shamet, he should be able to play the majority of the seasons and he could possibly be available as early as the season opener.

Shamet had a breakout redshirt freshman campaign where he was named Missouri Valley Freshman of the Year and was selected first team all conference after averaging 11.4 points and a team leading 3.3 assists per game. He flew under the radar last season, but now he'll enter his second full season in Wichita as a bonafide NBA prospect with first round potential. His big coming out party was his play in the NCAA tournament versus Kentucky where he scored 20 points on 7-14 shooting and posted zero turnovers vs UK's pressure defense that featured 2 first round draft picks. 

I am high on Shamet as an NBA prospect because he has a defined role on the NBA level as a shooter. What is his best position in the NBA is debatable, but I think he should be able to see NBA minutes at both guard spots. Despite not starting the season playing more shooting guard than point guard, he finished as the team leader in assists and only averaged 1.1 turnovers per game. His low turnover numbers are directly related to his high basketball IQ and the pace he plays with. He was very efficient scoring as the pick & roll ball handler and looked comfortable balancing scoring and making plays. Off the ball, he was lights out as a spot up shooter ranking in the top 97 percentile in all of college basketball by shooting a blistering 65 aFG% and 1.3 point per possession. He has a great understanding of how to get open and spacing the floor when he's away from the ball.

At first glance, Shamet does not pass the eye test (which is probably why he faced full court pressure from time to time) of the modern lightning quick, super athletic point guard NBA teams covet. But once you dig deeper into his film you see no matter who was defending him, he always played under control and always seem to get to his spots and make the right decisions. He's not a bad athlete, just not in the same class as the likes of Dennis SmithDe'Aaron Fox or Trevon Duval ,but more than makes up for his lack of elite burst with his shifty handle, changing speeds and his ability to keep the defenders on his hip.

As far as weaknesses and areas of concern, I'd like to see him get stronger and add a floater to his scoring arsenal. A floater will be key as he'll have to find additional ways to score when attacking closeouts. He was an effective finisher around the rim last season, but his lack of explosiveness could potentially be an issue against NBA rim protectors.

Although he has a good handle and craftiness that allows him to get to his spots in most situations, I believe he'll need screens to score as a pro and must do a better job of going to his left.


Here is a breakdown of Shamet's possessions over the 2016-17 season:



Very good size for a lead guard....Thin frame that will need to fill out.....Average athlete who lacks explosiveness...Uses change of pace and IQ to get to his spots...Shifty ballhandler but doesn’t turn the corner consistently....Struggles scoring as the lead ballhandler on the break

Tends to get out of control on his drives to the rim in transition...Contact bothers him and he struggles to finish in traffic

Doesn’t always shield the ball well and can be susceptible to being blocked...Finishes better at the rim in the half court than in transition

A reliable floater would be a great addition to his game....Has to be picked up on the break when he’s off ball because of his shooting ability

Unselfish passer with very good vision....Makes the right reads and doesn’t hunt for the highlight assist...Very effective PNR player both creating for himself and others....Plays with a great pace and patience in the halfcourt....Runs his man into the screen...Incredibly dangerous if given any space coming off the screen....Will fire from 3 off the dribble with great accuracy....Mostly goes to his right when he’s trying to get to the rim

Has a good feel for when a help defender commits too hard or drifts and moves the ball...Hits the roll man in stride on traditional rolls and on slips....Likes to pass over the top of the defense vs through it....Pocket pass is there but needs some work...Sees shooters crosscourt and can get the pass there....Deadeye shooter from all levels out to NBA range....Lethal on spot ups, catching and shooting on the move, off the dribble and DHOs...Quick and smooth shooting motion that remains consistent even when highly contested...Gets pretty good lift and has a good height on his release point...Doesn’t need much space to get his jumper off ....High IQ moving into spaces around the perimeter to get the kick out 

Doesn’t really look to attack closeouts, would rather swing the ball....Could be more aggressive looking for his shot....When working in off ball action, he squares his feet and body quickly before firing....Mostly shooting 3s from off ball screens but is also adept at curling to the free throw line and shooting....Dangerous in DHOs....Rarely isos but shows trouble turning the corner on a defender if he doesn’t have a screen to gain separation....Is an infrequent cutter and struggles on basket cuts if there’s any opposition at the rim





His lack of strength and athleticism get exposed on defense...Guards with elite speed with blow by him....Very reactive to crossovers

At times does well against vs 1st step but struggles when he has to change direction...Doesn’t lack effort, will stay with the play after he’s beat

Leans forward more than he gets his butt down in a stance which hurts his balance...Does a good job getting his hands up to contest jump shots and drives to the rim....Can be knocked completely out of the play when drivers initiate contact..Runs right into screens often but fights to get through them and continue his pursuit....Pretty good defending at the basket when his man is coming off a ball screen...Has a tendency to overhelp or get caught ball watching when off ball...Gives a bit too much of a cushion vs shooters..Does a little bit better job navigating off ball screens than on ball...Will put a body on someone when the shot goes up

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