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I wanted to create a video series covering  the top freshman prospects for the 2020 NBA draft and track their progress through their likely one and only season playing college basketball.

I named this series after Kanye West's "Freshman Adjustment" mixtape series from the early 2000's. This was back when a Polo bear wearing Kanye was hungry and determined to earn respect as a rapper and wanted to get out of the box of being labeled  a producer.

I personally feel like Kanye in 2001 with my YouTube channel and website, so I decided to create this series to honor the pre Kardashian Ye from Chicago.

"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" was one of my favorite tracks from the "Freshman Adjustment" series and will serve as the soundtrack for the video breakdowns.


*Note* For some prospects it will be hard to find video to support all 3 themes

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