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POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs


CLASS: Freshman


Athleticism - Explosive athlete with quick burst, first step and can make plays above the rim

Passing/ Court Vision - Creative/flashy passer, looks to pass the ball ahead in transition. Good passing instincts and unselfish

Size - Good size and frame for a point guard. 6'9 wingspan with huge hands

Slashing - Loves to drive to rim and plays through contact. At best when driving downhill and is a crafty finisher around him

Ball handling - Advanced handle. Very good at navigating through tight spaces.

Transition game - Excels in transition where he can start the break or finish with momentum changing dunks


Shooting - Entered college with question marks about his ability to shoot the ball, will have to prove critics wrong. At best a rhythm shooter

Decision making - Tendency to drive into traffic, especially with Duke playing 2 bigs who don't space the floor

Mid range game - Must add mid range pull up and floater. Should be a better finisher with NBA spacing








BARLOWE - , 2017




Size- Good height for an NBA lead guard with a strong, muscular frame and broad shoulders. Great length at 6’9.5” wingspan.

Athleticism- Elite athlete. Good leaper with an explosive first step. Uses his strength well to get to his spots and create separation for his finishes

Transition ballhandler- Decisive in the open floor. Navigates traffic well to get to the rim. Keeps his head up on the break, will advance the ball and has a knack for finding bigs running to the rim

Ball Handling - Advanced ballhandler who is able to shift gears while moving downhill. Strong crossover but doesn’t overdribble. North-South dribble moves. 

PNR Ballhandler- Plays with good pace coming off the screen. Gets into the paint with ease and finishes well. Looks to reward the roll man

Passing- Can pass well with both hands. Good vision in the halfcourt and the open floor. Nice chemistry with his bigs. 

Defensive upside- Has all the physical tools you look for in a defender. Stays in a stance and moves his feet well. Uses his chest to bump and redirect guards on the drive. Fights through screens. Has the strength and length to defend both guard positions



Shooting- Very poor shooter at this point. Shots miss wildly to either side of the rim. Doesn’t get much lift on his shot and his mechanics are inconsistent. Only shoots 58% from the line which is a bad sign projecting forward. 

Free throw rate- With his ability to get into the paint and his strength to initiate and absorb contact, he should be generating more FTAs. Attempts more acrobatic finishes to avoid contact

Risk taker- While he’s been able to keep his turnovers down thus far, he does attempt risky passes. Particularly some of the lobs to the roll man in PNR. When the athleticism on the next level closes the gaps quicker, he’s going to have to reign it in. Gambles in the passing lanes on defense.

Defense away from the ball- Can be caught ball watching and lose track of his assignment.  Either late to close outs ; or after losing track or venturing too far for a steal attempt, tries to close out too aggressively and is susceptible to ball fakes


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