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BIRTHDATE: 12/20/97

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 175 lbs




*Good size and athleticism for a modern point guard

*Incredibly fast with the ball in his hands

*Has no problem getting past his man in ISO situations.

*He has an explosive first step and nasty crossover to beat his man even when being given a cushion.

*Bigs have almost no chance against him on the switch

*Good finisher when he gets to the rim although he tends to finish with his left on both sides of the rim

*Uses the eurostep effectively and finishes with an array of scoop shots, floaters, finger rolls and reverses as well as finishing above the rim

*Good at creating contact and finishing through it

*Finds the man in the strongside corner when he gets the defense to commit

*Sees the lob for his bigs when the defense steps up to stop his drive but isn't consistent finishing the pass

*Devastating transition player

*Very crafty while maneuvering traffic at full speed.

*Downshifts well to set up his shot

*Jumper is very shaky

*He does do a good good of finding the soft spot in the defense to get a good look on his midrange pull ups

*Drifts back and to his right often and could probably use more lift when he pulls up

*Tends to miss short or long, which is an encouraging sign that he can improve his jumper.

*Doesn't really set his man up to run into the screen.

*Uses his speed to get a step

*Very good at collapsing the defense then finding the big man at the top of the key on a pop.

*Sees crosscourt passes but doesn't always put the ball in a place where they can quickly get off a shot

*Doesn't force many passes or chase highlights


*Provides good pressure on ballhandlers as they bring the ball up

*Gets caught on screens pretty frequently which allows the ballhandler to get a head of steam downhill

*Will continue to fight and give multiple efforts after he's beat on a play

*Doesn't always know when to switch when he's pursuing the PNR ballhandler who is engaged with a helping big

*Above average on-ball defender in space.

*Has the size and speed to recover as well as contest pull ups.

*Fights through off ball screens well

*Gets caught ball watching and drifting towards the middle of the court without regard to his man when defending off ball

*Tends to overhelp

*His length allows him to alter the shots of his man at the rim on drives

*Good defensive rebounder as a point guard which allows him to start the break



De'Aaron Fox has a good blend of size and quickness for a PG. He's an athlete and he puts a lot of pressure on the defense in both the half court and in transition. He's got good mechanics on his jump shot and takes the correct shot according to what the defense gives him. He already possesses a floater in his arsenal. I like Fox a lot and think he's the 3rd best PG in the draft behind Fultz and Smith, Jr. 


Fox like the rest of the PGs in the draft is turnover prone. He's so fast that you can tell it's going to be an adjustment to changing speeds. He's often out of control when getting downhill. While his PNR IQ is good, he can't shoot very well right now. Teams will be going under his screens until he can prove he's a capable shooter. Along with improving his accuracy, Fox needs to add range on his 3 ball. 



Good blend of size and quickness

Athletic, puts pressure on the defense in the half court and transition 

Good jump shot mechanics

Looks to use floater 

Looks to shoot mid range jumpers off the screen



Turnover prone 

Shaky jump shot

Lack of physical strength

Limited range

Out of control at times 


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