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POSITION: Power Forward/Center

HEIGHT: 6'11"

WEIGHT: 238 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Bayi Rockets (China)



Size - Good size at 6'11, broad shoulders, physically mature for his age

Physicality - Physical presence who loves to play through contact 

Running the floor - Has the ability to run the floor but prefers to trail in transition opposed to rim run.

Rebounding - A threat on the offensive in defensive glass. Has averaged over 9 rebs 3 consecutive years in CBA

Shooting - Not a great shooter, but has made strides and has potential to be a respectable shooter from deep

Post Game - Fundamentally sound post game, understands how to establish position and has a good feel  for game

Shot blocking - Lead CBA in blocks

Screening - Loves contact and sets hard screens


Athleticism - Lacks explosiveness and plays below rim

Finishing vs length - Struggles finishing vs defenders just as strong and with length

Driving - Out of control when driving to the rim

Composure - While he plays tough, he picks up a lot of cheap fouls and unnecessary hard fouls


Yuchen Zou is a tough, physically mature throwback center who has already established himself was one of the best players in the Chinese Basketball Association. In his 3rd year as a pro Zou averaged 17.3 points, 9.1 rebounds and a league leading 2.5 blocks per game.

Zou is a physical presence who loves banging bodies and throwing his wide shoulders into defenders. He's fundamentally sound and knows how to establish position in the post where he can turn off both shoulders and score with either hand on the block. Zou is also solid shooter with a soft touch and improving 3 point shot.

At the Asia Challenge tournament in 2016 he was primarily used as a post player and did most of his damage right at the rim. He looked like a different player in the CBA where he played more power forward and spaced the floor. 

Zou is an interesting prospect because of his ability to play inside and outside while protecting the rim.  He must continue to improve his shooting range and become a strong pick & pop threat to improve his NBA draft stock. 












Offensive diversity






Average size for an NBA 5

Below average athlete

Can dunk if open and can collect himself

Moves decently up and down the court but doesn't get out ahead of the break

Has strength in the post, fights to establish  positioning

Does a good job pinning his defender once he gets good position

If he doesn't really establish his position, he can be moved off his spot

Can have some trouble catching entry passes

Works mostly on the left block and flashing to the middle

Much more comfortable turning his left shoulder to his right hand

Shows decent feet but can also get caught traveling 

Initiates contact in the post to get to the rim

Doesn't finish through uninitiated contact well and exposes the ball early in his shot

Shows good form on his jumpshot albeit a slow release but doesn't have enough jump shot possessions to make a determination on his projection as a jumpshooter

Doesn't have good timing or technique on his screen

Most of the screens he sets are blatantly moving/illegal

Turnover prone, throwing and catching passes, traveling



Fights to keep post players from establishing deep position

Has difficultly moving laterally from his strong base, when the post player makes a move

Slow to close out on shooters but keeps his hands high

His closeout can be attacked successfully

Looks for a player to box out when a shot goes up

Additional Notes from 2016-17 CBA season

Good mid range shooter out to 18 feet

Best when shooting from corners

Crashes offensive glass hard and fights for rebounds in traffic


Strong finisher - will dunk on you. Will try to dunk in traffic.
Mean streak - not afraid to be physical, sets good, hard screens.
Good athlete - mobile for a guy his build
Good mechanics and touch on his jump shot - can shoot 15 foot jumpers and comfortable from distance. Can play either the 4 or the 5
Clears space on duck ins - uses wide frame to maintain low post position.
Rim protector - able to protect the rim from the weak side

Poor decision maker as a roller/ trail man - was a turnover machine Asian Challenge. Forced passes that weren’t there
Not particularly efficient in post ups - struggled to finish if defender was able to hold is position.
Shaky hands - bobbles a lot of passes when rolling in PNR.
Needs a quick push shot instead of trying to get all the way to the rim. He can’t always get clean looks at the glass and doesn’t particularly play above the rim.

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