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BIRTHDATE: 9/23/97

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'6"

WEIGHT: 205 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Syracuse

CLASS: Junior


Positional Size - Good size for NBA wing; Can play and defend multiple positions

Scoring Ability - Loves to use pull up mid range jumper off the dribble, Scores the move uses floaters to avoid rim protectors

Court Vision - Shows flashes of becoming a good passer, Solid court vision and passing instincts

Slashing - Not exceptionally quick but uses long strides to beat close outs/defenders where he's good at drawing fouls: Drives both ways

Ball Handling - Capable ball handler, prefers to use his dribbles to get to get to his sweet spots on the floor

Athleticism - Decent athlete with a full head of steam and in transition.


Shot Selection - Tendency to take tough contested mid range shots; Very predictable offensive package

Explosiveness - Doesn't have elite quickness or burst to beat good defenders off the dribble. Lacks explosion around the rim

3 point shooting - More of a scorer than shooter will need to improve 3 point shooting range

Hitch - Has a slight hitch in his shot that could be a problem vs longer defenders

Assist/ Turnover Ratio - While he's a capable playmaker, his assists and turnovers are pretty much even

Streaky - Can get hot but also have long cold spells

Defense - Tough to see his man to man defense in Syracuse's zone scheme

Finishing in traffic - Average at best at finishing in traffic, will struggle vs NBA defenders and rim protectors

NBA fit - Will need to improve 3 point shooting to be come a complimentary player in NBA.


Syracuse sophomore wing Tyus Battle is off to good start and averaging over 20 points through the first eight games of the 2017-18 season. His offense is pretty simple as you can almost predict what he's going to do whenever he has the ball. Battle can drive both ways and is almost always looking to get to his sweet spot where he can pull up for a mid range jumper. He's a solid ball handler that dribbles east and west more than downhill since he's looking to pull up instead of driving all the way to the rim. Battle lacks a quick first step, but covers ground with his long strides and would be more effective of a slasher if he improved on his 3 point shooting. As of today he's shooting 33% from 3 and becoming a more dangerous shooter from deep would open up opportunities to attack closeouts so he can get to his bread and butter, which is the mid range pull up. His assist numbers don't show it, but Battle has solid court vision and good passing instincts. Syracuse uses him a lot as a secondary ball handler which shows there's potential for him to grow as a playmaker.

Battle is more of a scorer than a shooter and while he can get hot and score points in bunches, he's still very streaky. Another area of improvement for Battle is his shot selection. He has a tendency to take tough contested off balance shots, which can be attributed to his predictability on offense and lack of ability to consistently beat guys off the dribble. 

While Battle is a solid athlete, he lacks the elite quickness, explosiveness and pop which is a small concern and will limit his ability to score in isolation or make plays at the rim.



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