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BIRTHDATE: 3/25/97

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 175 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Montana State

CLASS: Senior


Scoring - Averaged 23 points per game on efficient shooting

Shooting - Great shooter, high percentage  (3.8 makes on 8.8 attempts) Regularly makes contested 3s with defenders draped on him
Creativity - Can shoot off the dribble or on the catch from NBA distance; Handles enough to create looks for himself 

Drawing fouls - Attempted 5 free throws per game

Defined Role - With teams valuing shooting, a role as a floor spacer or specialist is likely


Athleticism - Average athleticism at best

Advanced ball handling  - Doesn’t have advanced moves and dribbles upright, but is decent as creating space going east & west
Playmaking - Nearly even assists to turnover ratio, lack of playmaking limits his ability to play point guard in NBA
Size - Tweener, undersized for a shooting guard; Lacks point guard skills

Defense - Below average lateral quickness - doesn’t project to be a good defender
Attacking the rim - Doesn’t create many looks for himself at the rim
Shot selection - Shot selection is poor but gets away with it due to competition level

Tyler Hall isn’t a household name in college basketball, but he shoots the ball as well as anyone in the country. The Montana State guard has the volume and percentages to back the claim as he looks to improve on an outstanding sophomore campaign.

Hall was a 23 ppg scorer last year and the bulk of his damage was done behind the 3 point line. Hall attempted almost 9 threes a game and made nearly 4; percentages equaling 43 percent. Only three other players in all of college basketball made more three pointers per game with Hall having the second best overall 3 point field goal percentage. Add to the high effiency on high attempts, Tyler Hall doesn’t just do it as a spot up shooter. A lot of his attempts come off the dribble where Hall lulls defenders to sleep from well beyond the college line. Predicating his game from the outside-in allows for Hall to get to the free throw line.

While Hall can put the ball on the ground, he doesn’t have the quickness to get by defenders without pounding the ball. He dribbles side to side and rarely turns the corner for layups. On the defensive end, Hall’s lack of foot speed makes him a liability. He isn’t asked to play much defense due to his scoring responsibilities and when does he gives too big of a cushion or flat out gets beat on straight line drives. Part of having the greenest light ever at Montana State are the bad shots Hall gets to take. His role in the NBA will to be make the most of his limited opportunities since he projects to be a 3 and no D guy (a specialist.) Will Hall be able to shoot at such a ridiculous clip on limited shots remains to be seen.




Here is a breakdown of Hall's possessions over the 2016-17 season

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