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BIRTHDATE: 7/28/99

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 210 lbs


CLASS: Freshman


Versatility - Can play multiple positions with his length and skill set; Can serve as a secondary ball handler

Size - 6'7' with a 6"10 wingspan 

Ball handling - Good simple and fundamental ball handler, Can bring ball up court and initiate offense

Passing - Good passing instincts and court vision. Very unselfish

Rebounding - Rebounds well from wing position

Defense - Length and athleticism allows him to defend multiple positions

Athleticism - Smooth and agile athlete that can play above rim with momentum


Explosiveness - Lacks burst and explosiveness. Average first step and not an elite level athlete

Turnover prone - Must improve his assists to turnover ratio

Shooting - Streaky shooter at best

NBA role - Does a lot of things well, but nothing great. Lacks a defined role in NBA

Oregon freshman Troy Brown entered his freshman season as one of the top prospects in the country and a first round pick on most draft boards. Brown has a versatile skill set that should translate to the NBA level due to his size, length and and IQ. At 6'7" Brown is comfortable playing on and off the ball and could play a role as a secondary ball handler when paired with a scoring point guard. He has good passing instincts and court vision out of the pick & roll and is a grab and go threat in transition. While Brown can score the ball, he's not a creative one on one type player who can score buckets in bunches in a half court setting.

Brown is a smooth and agile athlete, but he lacks elite foot speed, burst, pop and explosiveness. He can make some athletic plays with a full head of steam and momentum, but he's not much of a threat to beat his man off the dribble with quickness or shifty ball handling skills. 

While its easy to say Brown is a NBA small forward, I personally do not know his NBA role. I want to compare him to Evan Turner, but I'm not sure he's as good of a ball handler or passer as Turner. I can see him playing a similar role in NBA where he'll need to be a good fit with a team opposed being a plug and play type wing.  Brown is a high IQ player who doesn't take bad shots so he'll put up efficient numbers, but at this point in his career he's not much of a floor spacer. It's still early in the season so there's a great chance my views will change, but I am curious to see what Brown's greatest strengths are. I currently see him as a jack of all trades but master of none. 



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