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BIRTHDATE: 5/17/98

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 186 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Adelaide (Australia)



*Good height for an NBA wing with decent length

*Very thin

*Explosive athlete, especially off one foot

*Mostly see his explosiveness in transition, athleticism hasn’t translated to his half court game

*Gets out on the wing quickly and fills the lane correctly

*Very good shooter, particularly when spotting up

*Can be a bit streaky

*Sets himself quickly, gets good elevation his shot and has consistent shot mechanics

*Can come off pin downs and is improving at the two dribble pull up after a closeout

*Very shaky ballhandler, especially his left

*Stiff and dribbles the ball too high which negates his athleticism in the halfcourt

*Can get to the rim if a straight line drive presents itself

*Not equipped to handle the ball in PNR

*Isn’t a playmaking passer but becoming a good passer around the perimeter

*Keeps the offense moving and is willing to make the extra pass

*Due to his size, contact bothers him on finishes



*Good lateral quickness

*Slides his feet very well on the perimeter, capable of pressuring ballhandlers

*Beats his man to the spot regularly

*Makes multiple efforts and will stay on his man’s hip when he’s beat

*Has the length to bother shooters on the pull up

*Gets a good contest on spot up shooters and has the agility to adjust if they attack his closeout

*Uses his length and quickness to compensate for inconsistent help defense positioning

*Can help on a drive or dig down to the post and still recover to the kick out

*Fights hard to navigate ball screens

*Can struggle to get thru hard screens but he competes


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