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BIRTHDATE: 9/26/96

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'6"

WEIGHT: 205 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Southern Methodist

CLASS: Junior


Size - Big PG at 6'6"
Shooting - Good spot up 3 point shooter; Shot 42% from 3
Shooting Range - NBA range off either the bounce or catch and shoot

Length - Looks to have a massive wingspan
Versatility - Should be able to play either guard position in the league
Passing - Very good vision, can throw every pass (lobs, skips, hit cutters)
Pick & Roll Game -  Good pace in pick & roll, uses a tear drops to score knows how to get to his spots


Foot speed - Not the quickest off the dribble; Can he turn the corner consistently?
Athleticism - Below the rim athlete
Finishing - Doesn't finish particularly well in traffic
Assertiveness -Doesn't look to turn the corner very often
Scoring in Transition - Only shot 41% from floor in transition 



Shake Milton has one of the if not best names in college basketball and is also one of the better point guards, too. Milton put up solid numbers as a freshman at 10.5 ppg, 3.0 reb pg, and 2.7 apg. He wasn’t plagued by the same turnover issues most freshmen are (1.5) and shot exceptionally well from 3 (.426%) on 4 attempts per game.

This last season, Milton led the SMU Mustangs to a 30-5 record although they suffered a tough loss in the first round to Southern California. Milton improved his game at all levels upping his scoring to 13 ppg, 4.1 rebounds and 4.5 assists. He continued his great 3 point shooting (42.3% on 5 attempts) and also limited his turnovers to 1.8. With Sterling Brown and Semi Ojeleye moving on to the NBA, expect Shake to take his game to the next level.

I genuinely believe Milton has a chance to emerge in a weaker draft class at his position in an increased role. He’s already a lights out shooter and very good playmaker. I expect SMU to put him in more pick and roll action where you can see him throw lobs and skip passes with ease. He will need to improve on his free throw rate (only 2.6 attempts per game) in order to take that next step. He’s not going to make a living blowing by guys because he isn’t the quickest but should be able to use his craftiness to up his output. It will be interesting to see how much his efficiency dips with a larger workload. In PNR, I’d love to see him shoot more threes off the dribble when the defense goes under his screen. He’s too good of a shooter for that strategy to work so teams will try to make him finish in tight spaces. A few times, Milton put the defender in jail and he found success getting off looks at the mid range. At 6’6” he’s rising up over every point guard in the country.

In the NBA, Milton should be able to play either guard spot. I don’t think he will ever be a dynamic scorer but his versatility allows for him to play alongside a scoring point guard or a playmaking wing. He’s very George Hill-ish to me with both being big guys that are excellent shooters. I think he’s a surefire first round talent but he’s a big year away from going in the top 15 in a top heavy draft for front court players.



Here is a breakdown of Milton's possessions over the 2016-17 season


Elite size and length if he is to remain a point guard......Could project as a secondary creator at the 2, for which he would still have a good physical profile......Below average athlete......Despite his size and length, he doesn't play above the rim at all.....Plays with pace but doesn't have an extra gear to blow by defenders or create separation......His handle is solid but basic.....Lacks the creativity to create high percentage shots for himself off the dribble......Average finisher at the rim......Can get out of control, especially going to his left.....Decent floater.....Below average scorer in transition......Isn't aggressive looking for his shot.....Doesn't draw many fouls......He generally protects the ball but is turnover-prone as a transition ballhandler....Gets out on the wing to spot up when off ball in transition.....Doesn't shoot well on the break, seems to rush his shot a bit but could eventually be dangerous as things slow down for him.....Better PNR creator for others than for himself....Doesn't run his man into the screen consistently.....Patient when coming off the screen.....Likes to work his way inside the free throw line an elevate over the defender for a dribble jumper......Will also step back and pull up from 3 off ball screens....Many of his jumpers are highly contested off the dribble because he doesn't create separation with his handle....Good vision in the halfcourt, particularly coming off the screen....Can hit the roll man with lobs at the rim, the pocket pass or quick hitting passes on the slip....Has a good feel for when the defense commits vs the pick and pop and can see over the defense to hit his man....Sees crosscourt shooters/cutters.....Has some trouble turning the corner and getting into the center of the defense 

When he does collapse the defense, has the vision to find the open shooter....Very good spot up shooter out to NBA 3...Good upper body shooting mechanics.....Smooth motion with a high release point....Can catch and shoot quickly....Has a habit of setting his feet too wide and spreading his legs out on the jump......As a result doesn't get much lift on his jumper .....Misses most likely to fall short....Relies on his height and length to shoot over smaller guards....More likely to swing the ball than to attack closeouts...Rarely attacks closeouts with a 1 or 2 dribble pull up/most likely to do it along the baseline....Likes to go left and get to the rim vs closeouts....Shows early signs of a nice step back jumper but it's rarely seen

Good shooter coming off pin downs for 3s...Is physical with his defender to gain separation before the screen....Squares his body quickly

His footwork and funky jumping motion can lead to shots falling short....Adept at curling off screens, mostly to the free throw area to hit the midrange jumper.....Doesn't create good shoots for himself out of isolation...Looks to get to the rim ....Goes to both hands about equally but with much more success to his right.... More of a pull up threat going left 




Inconsistent motor...Should be able to defend both guard spots and perhaps even size up to smaller SFs....Doesn't have the quickest feet but moves well in space, taking proper angles to compensate.....Gives a cushion and uses his size and length to deter and affect pull up jumpers.

Contests well and forces tough shots off the dribble.....Gets his hands up when his man gets into the paint...The guards quick enough to blow by him generally give up big size disadvantages and he can still contest.....Can be slow getting around screens, gets hung up...Will also try to go under screens....Has the size to switch vs multiple positions....Is physical when switched onto bigger players ....Generally in good help position when guarding spot ups.....When he has to cover distance to close out on a shooter, is a tad slow to remain under control....Doesn't break down and change directions smoothly when his closeout is attacked.....Can be caught ball watching.....His awareness/focus isn't great when put in off ball actions....Often a step or two behind the pin down or flare and is susceptible to the ball fake....Tries to shortcut around screens but doesn't really have the quickness

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