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BIRTHDATE: 7/12/98

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'6"

WEIGHT: 180 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Kentucky

CLASS: Freshman


Size- Excellent size for a point/combo guard. Thin but with the wide shoulders to add more weight

Length- Great 6’10.5” wingspan which allow him to be a multi-positional defender, especially as he gets stronger

Athleticism- Good athlete. More smooth than explosive but shows burst in the passing lanes. Can play above the rim if given an open run at it. 

Transition- Can lead the break effectively or get out on the wing to spot up/slash to the rim. Solid vision in the open floor for bigs and cutters going to rim. Finishes better on the break than in the half court. Uses long strides, hesitation, in and out dribbles to keep defenders off balance.

Defense- Should be able to guard at least two positions, maybe three when he matures physically. Moves his feet well in space. Able to sink and fill then recover to shooters. Gets a good contest on jumpshots.  Cuts off skip passes and plays passing lanes well


Shooting- Really inconsistent footwork on his shooting. Often jumps with his feet too wide which reduces his lift and leaves shots short. Release can be kind of mechanical and seems to be pushed at times. Not bad when he shoots in rhythm but he doesn’t pick his spots well

Finishing at the rim- Exposes the ball too early and tries to rely on his length to protect the ball. Leaves him susceptible to weakside shotblockers. Would rather attempt an acrobatic finish than finish through contact. 

Half court offense- Gilgeous-Alexander hasn’t found a way to get good looks in the half court. Most of his jumpshots and attempts at the rim are highly contested. A less creative passer than when in the open floor. 

Turnovers- 1.1:1 Assist to turnover ratio in the half court. Misreads where his teammates are going which leads to errant passes. Picks up his dribble without a plan too often. Prone to offensive fouls by driving out of control or trying to gain separation by extending his elbow








BARLOWE - , 2017


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