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BIRTHDATE: 2/15/99

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'3"


TEAM: Besiktas (Turkey)


Draft Projection


Şehmus Hazer was born on February 15, 1999 in Batman. He played in Banvit's reserve team in 2015. In 2017-2018, when he was 18 years old, he rose to the A team. ŞH had the chance to play in BCL that year. He is one of the players that has found the most minutes in the team for the last two seasons. He entered the NBA draft, but, probably, will be spent playing in the 2020-2021 season Besiktas in Turkey.

Şehmus Hazer met basketball with his friends. Şehmus's friends liked to play basketball. Şehmus decided to learn basketball to spend time with his friends. At first, he looked at this game just like a hobby, but as the years progressed his talent increased and Hazer decided to become a professional.

Hazers's family did not want Şehmus to be a basketball player at first. Because his idea of ​​playing elsewhere, the idea of ​​living in another city, frightened his family. However, the success of Şehmus changed his family's mind.

He likes watching Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. His hobbies include listening to music, moving his dog, and spending time with friends. His favorite movie is Scarface. His favorite shows are How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Prison Break and Dexter. He loves all meals. 

One of Şehmus's coaches told me that: "Şehmus is not physically ready for the NBA. His game skills are good, the things he can do on the court are good but not physically ready for the NBA. He works hard. Three or four hours a day stays at GYM, but not enough for the NBA athletics level, but I think he can make an excellent impact in Europe. Şehmus has the skills and discipline to make this effect. Like a classical teenager off the court. He cares about his family, girlfriend and friends."

Physical Tools

Listed as 6'4'' with a 6'6'' wingspan and 190 lbs. Hazer's body has improved significantly over the past three seasons. but I think there is still room to grow in it. Long and strong arms. Chest and core muscles are stiff. Shoulders are not very wide and are weak. I think he has to work for his upper body in terms of strengths. Legs are faster and stronger than looks. Has a mobile and fast hip. Vertical pop is not good. In some matches, he showed his explosivity with vertical pop but inconsistent in it. Can move well laterally, feet are pretty quick. ŞH has put in the work in the weight room. After the end of the coronavirus pandemic (less), he practices on it every day. It is hard to say anything definitive, I did not see him last five months but I guess he is physically better. Especially, core and chest muscles may be stiffer but again his shoulders are a big problem. I think there are many good and many bad things about Şehmus's physical tools future. Şehmus is 21 years old. He is not old to wait for it to physically develop, but not young either. Compared to the best guards in the 1999 class, he is bad about it. The good thing is he open to coaching. Hazer knows his shortcomings and loves to work. Mentally, I think he is at very good level. Playing at BCL when he was 17-18 and taking great responsibilities matured his mentality early. This is perfect. I think he is physically good for a Turkish guard, but not enough for the NBA level yet.



I think the best part of his game is shooting. Hazer can shoot both as a catch&shooter and a movement shooter. I think he has a good shooting technique and speed for NBA standards. During CnS, ankles are soft, feet are fast and body coordination is good. He can take the ball out of his hand quickly and the most important thing is his confidence in shooting. This is something that many Turkish players do not have. Şehmus, on the other hand, showed how high his self-confidence is in many matches in BCL and BSL. Uses CnS generally from corners or right wing. While in the off-ball motions, ŞH can use the screens well and take the shooting position. In movement shooting, has to improve. He is not perfect in it but showed good things in the matches between November and February. Meanwhile, his shot has been good for the past 1.5 years. He was not a good shooter 1.5 years ago. He was a passer first PG but now he plays like modern era SG, not like a classic PG. Not good in transition. Generally, he is fast but not good for running and scoring or assists in transition offense. Average athlectisim. Despite the lack of pop, Şehmus made highlights dunks in some matches, but inconsistent. Lateral movement is below average. The best thing about his athleticism is his fluency. He showed his fluency with a good spin while driving from wings or baseline. A player that I want to give the ball in on-ball actions. I mean, he is a reliable handler. However, a classic passer. Read and react passer. No creative. Nothing will add depth to the team. He is able to dribble, I especially love his dribbling on half-court, but not creative or shifty. Also, cannot shot of the dribble He needs to improve his game around the mid-range. Can finish around the basket with soft touch and first step. Hazer's first step is strong and quick. It is a big plus for his offense. Because, I think in this way, he can close cons in his physical tools and finish around the basket. Cannot finish in traffic or against pressure, lack of elite athleticism hurt him here. He is not a PnR handler who can find score consistently or can give pass with high creativity. Showed some flashes about it. Like, he can hit the three after screen or can dribble to the basket after screen with great quickness and take a contact. However, inconsistent. This is the biggest reason why I think Şehmus is not fit for NBA. He can be a good shooter. An average role in the rotation can come from the bench and uses shot, but Hazer cannot do anything else when the opposing team closes his shot. It creates a big question mark in me. Because has elite physical tools guards in the NBA can close all the offensive weapons of Şehmus.


I think Hazer is one of the best defenders among the guards of the 1999 generation. Despite not having excellent athleticism and mobility, he has a good defensive performance with game IQ and reaction timing. I think what he does best on defense is defending the handler during PnR. With pretty quick hands, eye-hand coordination and overall body coordination, Hazer can defend the handler, without creating a mismatch. His footwork is not elite, but above average when in PnR. He makes it defense very well, especially on the side PnR. His head is up and his motor is always active. I think he is an average team defender. Not a defensive playmaker. However, around the perimeter and baseline, he talks to his friends to protect the defensive shell and warns them. Sometimes he hurts his team because does unnecessary help defense. A player who defends with his mind, not with his athletics or body. It is possible to see the best example of this with his defense in shooting positions. He adjusts his angle well while chasing his opponent around the screens in off-ball motions. He does not lose speed. After making the right run, he can balance his hands up and down and put his opponent under pressure. Disrupts his opponent's shot position. In on-ball motions, he has a close defense in the opponent's dribbling area and does not give him a chance to shoot easily. I mean, both CnS and shots off the dribble defense are good. I think he has to be better with the rest defenses. Hazer has no skills to protect the rim. He cannot stop his opponent around the basket. Lack of vertical pop and elite athlectisim hurt him here. Moves very quickly around the basket but makes the wrong decision. He gives easy layup/floater chances to his opponent. While defending the ISOs, he cannot close his opponent's change of direction angle. He opens his arms well but mobility is problematic. I think hip turns are average.


Şehmus Hazer is a talented, disciplined and intelligent basketball player. My favorite thing about him is his hardworking and has a good off-court life. He managed to take great responsibilities at a very young age. However, I do not think he is ideal for the NBA. Can he get a chance at the NBA? I think yes. But I think he should stay in Europe for a few more years to find this chance at a good level. His arsenal is very limited for the NBA. He has things that can be defended easily. I think Şehmus may be like Vasilije Micic. He can improve his skills in Europe, rising in Europe and after that can be good fit for the NBA. 

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