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POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'2"


SCHOOL/ TEAM: G-League Ignite





  • Strong developed frame for a 17 year old 

  • Advanced body, skill set and IQ for his age

  • Franchise changing ability; Could be a cornerstone

  • Should challenge to be the top player selected in 2023

  • Elite burst, 1st step and quickness 

  • Impressive vertical athlete; Can make highlight reel plays above the rim

  • Creative ball handler; Handle & speed allows him to get downhill 

  • Easy pull up game; Incredible balance and touch off the bounce 

  • Shot maker; Can score in a variety of ways

  • Aggressively attacks paint; Puts tremendous pressure on defenses

  • Draws fouls 

  • Big hands; Looks like he can palm a basketball off the dribble

  • Young Derrick Rose type burst

  • Crazy explosive but smooth and under control 

  • Good passing instincts and feel

  • Extremely confident and tough

  • Competitive fire; Plays with passsion and energy


  • Outside shooting; Will need to adjust to NBA line

  • Will need to improve as a defender

  • Running a team and balancing scoring and playmaking

It only took me 2 plays to see this kid is the real deal. I’ve heard he was nice but I didn’t know Scoot Henderson was THIS nice. I read the Sports Illustrated article on his upbringing, how he dominated high school basketball in Georgia and how he’s considered a trailblazer in America as a 17 year old professional basketball player. 


Henderson agreed to skip college and by passed job opportunities abroad to sign a two year deal suit up for the G-League Ignite earning a reported $1,000,000’s total.


With all the hype and attention surrounding him including the SI article, I’m sure Scoot Henderson entered the season with a target on his back. After all, he’s an unproven 17 year old that is collecting checks bigger than most teams payroll. 


Henderson’s 31 point outburst in his second game returning to action after missing the first few games with a rib injury served as his professional coming out party and put the league on notice.


I wanted to wait for Scoot to get a few games under his belt before I created a scouting report and page for this website. I assumed he’s need a few games to adjust and he’d struggle early on.


I’ll be honest. I knew the name, I was familiar with his resume but I didn’t spend much time studying his game so this was my first look outside of a few highlight clips I’ve seen on YouTube. 


After watch clips from ONE game,  I am now not 100% sold that Victor Wembanyama is the top pick in 2023. 


3 months ago I would’ve been considered crazy to think anyone could pass Wembanyama on draft boards. 


Scoot Henderson might be that dude. 


The first thing that stood out to me was his burst and first step. I haven’t seen anyone with this type of explosiveness, acceleration out of stand still and strength since a young Derrick Rose. 


Henderson has the type of blow by speed that allows him to get to the rack at will without the help of a ball screen. He literally makes defenders look like they’re defending him in sand while he’s playing on a totally different surface. 


Not only is he blessed with an incredible first step that is quicker than a hiccup, he also has a frame built to absorb all the punishment he’ll take on as a downhill attacking point guard.


He has a thick muscular frame and broad shoulders and looks as if he’s been putting in work in the weight room. Real work. 


I don’t have any measurements on his hand size but it looks as if his hands are large enough to palm a basketball off the dribble, similar to Rajon Rondo. Having big hands is a major asset, which should make him even more of a dangerous finisher around the basket and create advantages as a passer and defender. 


A freakishly athletic point guard with elite burst and strength with big hands? That is just unfair.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to drive or ride in a Rolls Rolls Wraith or a similar high end luxury performance car then you’ll get this analogy. 


The Wraith boasts a 624 horse power V12 engine and weighs nearly 5,400 pounds. The design is a work of art and even though it is considered a coupe, the Wraith is as long as some SUVs.  The Wraith handles and weaves in and out of traffic effortlessly and smoothly gets up to 60 mph in only 4.3 seconds despite its enormous weight. 


The large 14.7-inch front and 14.6-inch rear brakes can halt the massive car in a braking distance of just 109 feet in a panic braking 0-60 mph scenario. 


That’s Scoot Henderson in a nutshell. He shifts downhill, accelerates to top speeds with ease but can stop his momentum on a dime to get to his pull up jumper. 


The threat of his first step makes defenders think twice about crowding him, which allows him to get to his sweet spots around 15-17 feet where he looks as comfortable as man sitting in his own living room.  So far, his pull up jumper has been the main weapon in his scoring arsenal. 


We don’t usually see an athlete of this caliber so advanced as a pull up shooter. It’s 2-3 years into their professional career or even after they rookie extension where they develop a reliable jump shot. Scoot seems to be way ahead of the curve as a shooter, especially off the bounce, and I totally expect for him to be fully adjusted to the NBA line before his stint with the Ignite ends. 



I know it’s only been 3 games into his professional career but I’m confident that I’m not jumping the gun here. As of today, Victor Wembanyama is still the favorite to go #1 in next years draft even though he’s had a difficult early start to this season. Injuries, illness and struggling with physicality have played a major role in his adjustment to ASVEL. 


Unfortunately for Wembanyama, he was hyped and heralded after a dominating U19 performance and the only thing left to do is pick his game apart. I’m not here to nitpick, but I am here to say that I believe some scouts or GM’s may prefer to trade in a Wraith instead of a unicorn.


Scoot Henderson is the real deal. And Maybe, just maybe. The way too early race to be the top pick in the 2023 draft is more competitive than we think..

Rafael Barlowe - November 30, 2021

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