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POSITION: Combo Guard

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs


CLASS: International 

RJ Hampton.png


  • Aggressive attacking slashing high scoring guard

  • Very good athlete with quick twitch movements 

  • Elite first step and speed for his size

  • Fast in open floor and excels in transition 

  • Always in attack mode and puts pressure on defenses

  • Excellent at getting to the free throw line on prep level 

  • Good ball handler that can create space off the dribble and shift defenders

  • Capable passer; Especially on drive & kick situations

  • Strong driver going left and right

  • Good body control, can adjust his body to avoid defenders and make acrobatic finisher around rim

  • Uses floaters and soft touch finishes around the rim

  • Good quick decision maker out of P&R; find the roll man


  • Slim frame and must add muscle

  • Must improve shooting range and shooting consistency ;Streaky shooter at best

  • Shot 25% on jumpers in NBL

  • Can be very predictable which leads to tough shots

  • Tendency to play out of control

  • Can he play off the ball and compliment another ball handler?

  • Very ball dominant in high school

  • Must improve finishing with his left hand


RJ Hampton elected to go from high school junior to professional basketball player this summer and has game is looking to be paying off.

I had a chance to see RJ play a few times in high school and attended around 10 of his workouts last summer leading up to his season in Australia's NBL.​ Hampton was a ball dominant slasher in high school and on the prep levels that was able to get to the rim at will due to his blazing 1st step and NBA type athleticism.

In his first season as a pro, Hampton has done good job adjusting from being featured on every play, to being a key contributor/role player on a competitive professional team. His speed, scoring in transition and defense have translated well and he's made big strides as a decision maker.



Rafael Barlowe - December 2, 2019

RJ Hampton II.png
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