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+ Scoring Ability


+Great size for a point guard

+Plays at a great pace/ Patient

+Creativity/ Craftiness

+Ball handling

+Hesitation Pull Up Jumper

+Making moves in traffic

+Court Vision

+Scores on 3 levels

+Excellent using ball screens


BIRTHDAY: 5/29/1988


HEIGHT: 6’5”






*Great size and length for today's point guard

*Good athlete with a high motor

*Aggressive driver off the PNR who can rack up FTAs

*Has a craftiness to his handle that many of the recent PGs with his size lack

*Good first step and a nice spin move he uses in the paint

*Good at finding room in traffic to get his shot off in the paint even as teams pack the lane

*Uses his length to finish from awkward angles, which leads him to take a few more acrobatic shots than I'd like but he's often fouled in the attempt

*Finds shooters crosscourt coming off the PNR and mostly puts the ball on target

*Shows good timing and touch on the pick and pop passes he's thrown

*Has had some trouble developing chemistry with his PNR rollers but that has more to do with his bigs.

*When the opportunity presents, he's shown solid vision and the ability to deliver the pass

*Has a tendency to drive towards the baseline without much of a plan.

*If the defense doesn't bail him out with a foul, this causes quite a few of his turnovers

*Strong finisher in transition who can also find shooters filling the lanes

*Looks really fluid shooting off the dribble

*Very comfortable with the pull up college three whether off the PNR or a step back

*Hasn't shown much from NBA range yet in NCAA games

*Most of his midrange attempts are tough, contested shots.

*Decent as a spot up shooter but seems to prefer catching and shooting on the move as opposed to standstill shots.

*He needs rhythm

*Does a good job following up his own shot to get offensive rebounds

*Rebounds well for his size and likes to get the break started

*Finds the big quickly for outlets and pushes the ball up court quickly to get into the Huskies offense

*Responded to his only real off shooting night by focusing on getting his teammates involved and filling up the boxscore  




*Has the size, length and athleticism to guard both guard spots and be a really good defender if he commits to it

*Doesn't use his athleticism to pressure the ball but prefers to use his length to hang back and still contest

*Does a pretty good job positioning himself off ball as a help defender but can get caught ball watching

*Good at fighting through off ball screens and staying within range to bother shooters with his length

*Good timing on his contests.

*Has blocked a shot in each of his games

*Dies on the screen too often as a PNR defender.

*He's easily screened and he also has a tendency to try to fight under screens, even against solid shooters which completely take him out of the play



























Markelle Fultz looks like a franchise cornerstone. He's long, crafty, slithery, athletic- he has it all physically. He's already snaking pick and rolls. He's probably one of a handful of guys in college that can score at all three levels. He rebounds and his either getting fouled or getting a bucket in transition. I like that he's at Washington because he's learning how to carry a team already. 


There isn't much to dislike about Fultz but he can over penetrate and be careless at times with the ball. He's a good playmaker but at UW he forces a lot of shots due to being the best player on his team. His jump shot needs a lot of reps. 



Draws fouls

Great transition 

Rebounds well


Very good athlete 

Decent pinch post game

Scores at three levels in the pick and roll 

Good floater

Careless at times 

Shot selection 

Must improve as a shooter 

Out of control going to the basket

Continue to work on jumper 


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