BIRTHDATE: 9/19/99

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'9"

WEIGHT: 225 lbs


CLASS: Freshman


  • Athletic and fluid combo forward with high upside as a face up 4

  • Quick first step; explosive athlete that finishes plays above the rim

  • Long strides to the rim

  • Quick twitch athlete

  • Vertical lob threat

  • Good ball handler for a 4

  • 7'2" wingspan

  • Transition finisher; great at filling the lanes

  • Capable shooter

  • Grab and go threat

  • Aggressive rebounder

  • Defensive potential as a switchy shot blocking 4

  • Active, competes and plays hard


  • Shot selection; Shoots tough contested shots when he cant get to the rim

  • Must improve outside shooting

  • Can be overly aggressive and confident in his shot

  • Tendency to play as a ball stopper and want to play isolation ball

  • Still raw; Needs to improve overall feel and IQ

  • Free throw shooting

  • Needs to add non dunk finishes

  • Should look to add a post game to exploit switches

  • Playmaking/passing instincts

  • Needs to improve pace and playing under control.


Precious Achiuwa is one of th more physically gifted players in the 2020 class, but has a lot of question marks and concerns due to him being old for his class and his raw offensive skill set.

At this stage in his career, Achiuwa projects to be an energy player and multi positional defender. His has some skill to build on as he's capable of putting the ball on the floor and attacking slower defenders off the dribble on straight line drives.

So far this season, Achiuwa has not proven he can make jump shots or free throws. For every energy play he makes, he leaves points on the board with his poor free shooting and turnovers.

Rafael Barlowe - December 2, 2019