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BIRTHDATE: 10/25/96

POSITION: Combo Guard

HEIGHT: 6'6"

WEIGHT: 200 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: South Carolina

CLASS: Sophomore


*Prototypical size and length for an NBA SG

*Solid frame and should get stronger

*Good athlete who can get above the rim in the open floor 

*Good lateral quickness and speed

*Capable of leading the break and filling the lanes correctly on the wings

*Solid finisher in traffic in transition

*Comfortable driving to both sides of the rim but is right hand dominant on his finishes

*Recognizes when his defender is overplaying the ball denial and cuts backdoor

*Steady ballhandler but lacks the creativity to consistently break his man down off the dribble

*Has trouble creating separation in iso which leads to contested pull up jumpers

*Defenders play a step off him due to his jumper and muck up his driving lanes

*Good in iso when he sets up on the right wing and drives to the middle of the floor, struggles everywhere else

*Likes to attack the closeout when he's spotting up

*His jumper needs work, form isn't terrible but he lacks consistency in his footwork and release point

*Can hang too long on his pull up jumper leading to shots falling short

*Really struggles catching and shooting on the move off screens

*Has an extended range on his floater, will use it all the way out to the free throw line

*Lacks a bit of touch on his floater

*Often jumps awkwardly( feet too wide, too far from the basket, not facing the rim when he jumps) which limits his effectiveness

*Doesn't run his man into ball screens

*Keeps pressure on defenses by  probing into the middle of the floor while keeping his head up looking to shoot or pass

*Pull up jumper is much better coming off a ball screen than creating for himself

*Shows flashes of being a good PNR creator

*Can find the roll man as well as the weakside shooter 

*Shows good vision once he's deep into the defense

*Solid drive and kick game 

*At times misgauges how much force to put on his passes. Sometimes throws darts in the interior of the defense or lets a swing pass float


*Good physical tools for a wing defender

*Slides his feet well but does tend to get beat in space by quick guards 

*Stays on the ballhandlers hip when he is beat

*Has quick, active hands that lead to steals and fouls

*A little late on the contest vs pull up jumper

*Sees man and ball well, able to help and recover back to a shooter

*Good, controlled closeouts

*Is excellent fighting through off ball screens, knows when to stay connected and when to shoot the gap

*Fights through ball screens and dribble handoffs, takes good angles as he disengages from the screen

*Stays with the ballhandler, keeping his hands up to alter shots/kick outs 

*Has the size to not get killed on the switch

*Competitive on the glass, will turn and go


PJ Dozier big guard with PG ability. He's fluid with a good handle. He's from the Shaun Livingston school or big point guards. 


Dozier takes a lot of tough shots and on top of that, his jumper is erratic. He's going to shoot air balls or hit the backboard on occasion. At 6'7", he should be getting better separation on his pull up jumpers. I don't know if he will ever be a consistent shooter because he even struggles at the foul line. He's a project. 





Long Big guard

Very good athlete 

Good handle 

Decent playmaker. 


Tough shot taker 

Needs a post game

Erratic jumper 

Has terrible misses

Could stand to gain better separation on his pull ups

Poor free throw shooter 


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