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BIRTHDATE: 6/18/98


HEIGHT: 7'0"

WEIGHT: 245 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: North Carolina State

CLASS: Junior


Offensive skill set - Inside/Outside threat. Can score on the block or shoot mid range. Fundamental post game; Shoots jump hook w/ both hands

Shooting Ability - Comfortable shooting from college 3. Is a threat to shoot 3 in pick & pop or as trailer in transition

Rebounding - Solid rebounder. Very active on the offensive and creates second chance opportunities or scores on cutbacks

Finishing - Good below the rim finisher due to get touch around the rim.

IQ - High IQ player, Understands how to get open and proper spacing. Stays within his strengths.

Hands - Soft hands and soft touch around the basket. Can catch passes in traffic


Athleticism - Mobile and agile, but lacks elite athleticism and quickness. 

Passing - Must improve as a passer; Has a negative assists to turnover ratio. 

Foul Prone - Tendency to rack up fouls. Averages around 3 fouls every 20 minutes

Rim protection - Solid shot blocker in college and FIBA play, but doesn't project to be a good rim protector in NBA

Predictable - Lacks counter moves when his go to move is taken away in the post. 

Inconsistencies - Shooting will play a strong in determining NBA fit. 3 point and FT shooting are inconsistent and tough to gage his shooting potential.




After what some consider a disappointing freshman year individually and from a team standpoint, Omer Yurtseven has returned a much improved player in his sophomore season at North Carolina State. Yurtseven's improvements were on full display this summer at the FIBA Under 20 games in Greece where he posted averages of 17 points, 11 rebounds and 2 blocks on on 61% FG shooting. 

In his second year in Raleigh, Yurtseven is showing the talent that made him a NBA prospect and star on the national team circuit in Europe. What stands out the most is his improved 3 point shooting. After 6 games he's shooting a blistering 86% (6-7) from behind the arc after only attempting 3 shots from long range all last season. While it's unlikely he'll be able to maintain those percentages, his ability to space the floor improves his chances to be drafted in June.

Yursteven's game is fundamentally sound fits the modern NBA. He's a high IQ big who understands proper spacing and the importance of screening. On the block he does not have an arsenal of post moves, but he's effective shooting jump hooks with both hands and possesses a soft touch around the rim. He's pretty active on the offensive glass and is a solid below the rim finisher. Athletically, he's mobile and can run the floor but lacks elite level athleticism and explosiveness. He can make plays above the rim in space and can be a lob threat in the right situations.

Yurtseven's shooting will determine if he's an NBA player or not. If he can become a consistent floor spacer he should be able to stick and have a long career. While it's known he has a good shooting stroke, consistency will be the key. While his shooting numbers are up this season after 8 games, his free throw shooting is down to around 58%.

An early test for Yursteven came in a matchup vs DeAndre Ayton and Arizona at the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament Thanksgiving week in the Bahamas. Ayton had a dominating stat line of 27 points and 14 rebounds while making 12 of 17 free throws. Yurtseven was in foul trouble but more than held his own in the matchup and posted 11 points and 9 rebounds in 23 minutes. 

In order to solidify himself as an NBA prospect Yurtseven must improve as a passer and show he can defend and stay out of foul trouble. 




Omer Yurtseven is pretty athletic 7 footer out of Turkey. He's got good mobility and a decent face up game. His touch around the basket is solid and mechanically there isn't anything wrong with his jumper. He's got some potential as a stretch 5 if he can extend his range out past 18 feet. On defense, he contested post ups pretty well. 


College basketball was a waste of his time and he didn't look good at all at NC State. Yurtseven took a lot of tough shots and never really found a rhythm. I'll give him a pass because NC State was in shambles the majority of the year. Still, he turned the ball over a lot and was often muscled around the paint on defense. His perimeter defense was pretty bad as he just doesn't have the instincts that far away from the basket. Too many times he would catch himself in the air on pump fakes or getting blown by. 




Athletic, mobile

Face up ability 

Good touch around the basket 

Decent shooter with good mechanics 

Potential as stretch 5

Uses length to contest jumpers 



Underwhelmed in college

Turnover prone

Lacks strength 

He struggled to finish in the paint in college, not sure how he will fair 

Brings the ball low when he catches

Shoots a lot of contested jumpers

Not very good defensive instincts on the perimeter 


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