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BIRTHDATE: 11/25/97

POSITION: Small Forward/ Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 235 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore


*Nice size and excellent length for an NBA SF

*Strong frame with explosive athleticism but he’s a little stiff

*Limited ball skills

*Rarely put in a position where he has to make a decision with the ball in his hands

*Fills the lane correctly on the break

*If he doesn’t have an open 3, he looks to get to the rim

*Maintains spacing along the perimeter when spotting up

*Capable of attacking the closeout but only a scoring threat if he can get all the way to the rim. 

*Doesn’t have much in-between game

*Potential to be a knock down set shooter

*Intuitively finds holes in the defense around the rim as the defense shifts

*Very good finisher around the basket

*Makes decisive moves when he gets the ball in the post but if a shot isn’t there, he doesn’t force it

*Strong upper body and hands to finish through contact

*Likes to face up, drive right and spin back left


*Great size, length and strength to defend the wing on the next level

*Lacks some fluidity which shows up when he’s pressuring the ball

*Plays very hard

*Fights hard through on and off ball screens

*Recognizes when he should switch 

*When beat on a play, stays on his man’s hip and contests well

*Plays with a strong base in post defense

*Can get caught playing the passing lanes

*Generally in good help defense position but as a play breaks down he is prone to lose his man

OG is an interesting project in the mold of a 3 and D guy. He's ridiculously strong and is very athletic. He seems like he's going to be a capable catch and shoot guy. OG gets out in transition and uses his athleticism to play above the rim. In the half court he dribbles well enough to get the basket. He's active on the glass on both ends of the floor. 


By just watching him on film, I can tell he hasn't played a lot of basketball in his life. His footwork is still a work in progress as he travels a lot. Every drive to the paint results with him spilling over onto the ground. He's got a low release on his jump shot which yields to poor trajectory. He has the kind of misses that makes you think he's going to have to spend a lot of time perfecting his shot. He's a project with upside. 



Prototypical 3/D

Strong frame

Capable shooter

Active on the glass

Can put the ball on the ground and slash




Shoots a flat shot though he is a pretty good spot up shooter

Low release (Eric Gordon) though he won't be shooting off the dribble 

Will he become an NBA level spot up shooter?

Must improve range

Makes mistakes like he just learned how to play basketball recently 


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