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BIRTHDATE: 3/21/98

POSITION: Small Forward/ Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 230 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Michigan State

CLASS: Sophomore


Athleticism - Freak athlete; Plays above the rim

Strength - Strong frame, broad shoulders and physical mature; Uses body and strength to get by defenders

Shooting - Good shooter when feet are set; Shot 39% from 3 as a freshman

Rebounding - 8 rebounds per game, likes to grab & go

Finishing - Explosive dunker, also has nice runner for non dunk finishes around the rim

Toughness - Enjoys physical play, not afraid of contact or mixing it up 

Motor - Brings great energy to the table

Cutting - Potential to be a devastating off the ball cutter

Shot blocking - Excellent shot blocker for his size and position 


Ball handling - High dribble, not really shifty, limited game off the dribble; Only drives right

Tweener - Lacks ideal length and size to play the 4;

Free throw shooting - Only shoots 68% on FTs despite attacking style of play

Passing - Needs to improve overall passing and feel for the game

Turnovers - Tendency to drive out of control and force turnovers

Creativity - Not a creative scorer, relies on overpowering defenders

Quickness - Lacks great a great first step

Streaky - Very streaky shooter, Good from 3, struggles from line. 

Miles Bridges is player who has a lot of attributes I like but also has a lot of concerns. 


What I like:


He’s a tremendous athlete with a strong frame that plays above the rim and with supreme toughness.


I had a chance to see him in high school and I knew he was athletic, played hard and could shoot a little but I would have never guessed he’d shoot 39% from 3 his freshman season at Michigan State while attempting 5 3FG per game.


Bridges is also a very good rebounder from the wing position.


Areas of concern:


What is a more accurate way to predict how his shooting translates to NBA? Do you judge by his 39% 3 point shooting or his 68% free throw percentage? 


Right now he lacks the ability to create off the dribble. He’s a little out of control and turnover prone.

He’s not very quick but is good at using his strength and putting his body on the defender to get to where he wants to go. 


He has a nice runner when driving right but his left hand is non existent. I’d like to see him improve his advanced ball handling skills but he’s not very shifty so I’m not sure how much that will help him on next level.


At this point in his career Bridges is not a passer and lacks polish.


Overall, I think Bridges can have a long NBA career and earn a lot of money as a defender who spaces the floor,  cuts and runs in transition.


I’d like to see him add a one dribble pull up and mid range game to his arsenal.


Miles Bridges is a super athlete with a motor. He's got the physical build already of an NBA player. I wouldn't call him a shooter but he can knock down the college three at a respectable clip. He has a lot of defensive potential. 


I don't know what position Bridges plays at the next level. I don't think he's long enough to play the 4. His shot selection is questionable at best. I feel like he should be a lot better in the half court because he's so wide and strong. He bails out the defense by not drawing contact on his drives. 





Good stroke 


Active on the glass 

Shows flashes as a scorer

Lots of defensive potential 



Often out of control driving to the basket

Questionable shot selection 

Better athlete off of two foot leap which makes it hard for him to finish in the half court 

Is he a 3 or a 4?

He should be punishing guys off of the bounce but doesn't use his body off the one/two step

Doesn't do anything great right now

Low IQ




*Tweener PF with a limited wingspan

*Powerful frame for a wing but will have trouble guarding the post at the next level

*Great athleticism and plays with a high motor

*Runs hard on the break, fills the lane correctly and is always looking for the ball

*Can have value as a trailer as well

*Very explosive off two feet

*Will grab the board and start the break, mostly looking to get to the rim himself in those situations

*Can get a little out of control with a full head of steam, susceptible  to offensive fouls and turnovers 

*Dribbles the ball high and relies on his first step and strength moving downhill to get to the rim

*Has a nice shooting stroke from the college 3 in catch and shoot situations

*Tries to get to the rim every time he attacks a hard closeout

*Likes to spin to both hands while in the paint

*Most effective on the perimeter when he has the ball in the middle of the floor

*Can drive and kick to the strongside

*Establishes good post position

*Lack of length leaves him fading on his jumpers/hooks and attempting a lot contested layups

*Turnover-prone when starting his post move especially towards the baseline

*Doesn’t make much contact on screens

*Used more in pick and pop rather than as a roll man

*Struggling on his 3s in pick and pop

*Could be effective on the short roll


*Tweener with the footspeed to stick with bigger wings, guards give him trouble off the dribble

*Has the strength and low center of gravity to play some small ball 4

*High energy player who works hard off ball

*Can get caught ball watching, especially when guarding shooters in the corners

*Has a tendency to over-help but his athleticism allows him to recover and closeout

*Does a good job staying with the ballhandler when they attack his closeouts

*Uses his athleticism to contest shots. Pretty good shot blocker for his height

*Does a good job showing on the PNR and returns to the roller well

*Inconsistent footwork guarding the pick and pop. Takes poor angles

*Undersized but plays strong in the post. 

*Works hard to establish his base and move his man off his spot

*Has quick hands and uses his chest well in post defense

*Struggles to guard the face up


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