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POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 200 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Kentucky

CLASS: Freshman


*Undersized two guard

*Sneaky athlete with good speed and lateral quickness

*Can play above the rim in the open floor

*Elite shooter from NBA range-midrange

*Equally comfortable w/ standstill spot up shooting, catching and shooting on the move off screens as well as pulling up off the dribble

*Quick release allows him to get off shots on taller players and while closely guarded

*Has the handle to attack the closeout, find the soft spot in the defense and pull up off the dribble

*Nice crossover; it's more of an east-west move used to create space for his jumper

*Does a good job squaring his body to the basket when coming off pin downs or flare screens

*ISO situations produce tough, contested jumpers which he is capable of hitting but will probably be less efficient on the next level

*Sparingly used as a PNR creator and doesn't seem comfortable with that role.

*Doesn't set his man up to hit the screen and doesn't look for the roll man.

*Looks for his shot first then out to another shooter

*Doesn't attack the glass on either end

*Leaks out into transition and fills the lanes properly

*Doesn't display his court vision in the half court but is able to lead the break and make the right decision

*Much more aggressive attacking the rim when he gets into the open floor


*Provides good contests on spot up shooters

*Doesn't overhelp so he's usually in good position to close out

*Can close out too aggressively at times which leaves him susceptible to capable ball handlers ball faking and driving by him

*Tries to stay attached to his man when they get a step on him

*Gives an uneven effort when fighting thru screens in the PNR

*Too often dies on the screen which forces a switch

*Rarely beats his man to a spot when put in ISO but sticks with the play

*Does a much better job navigating off ball screens compared to his PNR defense

*Continues to play hard even when his team is up big



Malik Monk is a professional scorer. Or as the great Harlem rapper Cam’Ron would say “He’s got a scorers aura.”

Monk is an elite level athlete and shooter who scorers in bunches when he gets hot.


Maybe its just me, but Monk seems longer than the 6’4 he’s listed as. I’ve seen where some scouts have wondered if he’s too small to play shooting guard in NBA but I don’t think his lack of ideal size will be an issue. I see him as a guy who will have a clearly defined role as a shooter who will get baskets in transition. 


Despite being a great athlete Monk who prefers to shoot pull up jumpers over attacking the rim but still averages nearly 5 free throw attempts per game. The majority of Monk’s points come in transition as a spot up shooter or coming off screens and pin downs. He has shown the ability to finish in the paint with a floater and when he does attack the rim he’s looking to put the defender on a poster. Maybe once he gets stronger he’ll attack the rim more because I believe his lack of strength is a reason why he takes contested jumpers instead of driving. 


What I like about his game is he knows exactly who he is and understands his strengths. He’s very good at knowing how to get open and getting to his sweet spots. He has a nice package of one dribble pull ups and uses his handle to create space to elevate and shoot over the top of defenders. 


When coming off screens he doesn’t need much time to get his feet set and has a quick release and feathery touch. Monk can also make defenders pay for overplaying or cheating on the screen with his ability to play above the rim on back door lobs.


I’d like to see him improve as a shot creator off the dribble and become better at making plays for others. I love the process Bradley Beal has made in that department and I think Monk has the potential to add that type of creativity to his one on one game.


Overall I think Beal would be a good fit for a team like Philly. Also he’d be a good fit on a team that likes to get up and down the court and run. One of his greatest strengths his is ability to fill the lanes in transition or run to the corners. 


Malik Monk is the ultimate streak shooter; ask UNC. He already has NBA range. When he's chased off the 3 point line, it's more than likely going to shoot a 2 dribble pull up jumper. He works pretty well of screens. He reminds me a lot of JR Smith. There's a lot of pressure on him to make jumpers at UK because he's surrounded by guys who can't shoot. 


Monk isn't really getting you any looks at the rim in the half court. He has probably a 3 dribble limit but again it's nothing to the basket.

He isn't a playmaker but at Kentucky, they won't ask him to. 




Decent in transition 

Streak shooter that can get hot

Great range

Utilizes two dribble pull ups when chased off the line

Reminds me a lot of JR smith

Works well off screens 



Doesn't generate many attempts at the basket in the half court

Shaky shot selection off the dribble 

Not much of a playmaker 


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