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BIRTHDATE: 3/27/01

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'5"


SCHOOL/ TEAM: Colorado State

CLASS: Junior


Malcolm Cazalon 1.png


  • Offensive versatility

  • Athleticism

  • Transition finisher

  • Finishes strong and looks to dunk on defenders

  • Potential to score on 3 levels

  • Solid scorer off the dribble

  • Capable 3 point shooter

  • Can break defenders down off the dribble

  • Passing instincts and court vision 

  • Wing playmaker/ball mover

  • Rebounds 

  • High IQ

  • Grab and Go threat

  • Passes the ball ahead in transition 


  • Tendency to settle for tough shots

  • Streaky shooter

  • Must bulk up and get stronger

  • Does everything well, but nothing great at this point

  • Drives in traffic without a plan


Malcolm Cazalon is a versatile wing that has a skillset that fits the modern day NBA. He's a capable scorer on 3 levels that has the passing instincts and feel for the game to serve as a secondary playmaker. 

At this point in his career, he's good at a lot of things but may not have that one skill set he's great at. He's still only 18 and has plenty of time to develop to develop into a more consistent shooter.

Rafael Barlowe - November 21, 2019

Malcolm Cazalon 2.png
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