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BIRTHDATE: 6/24/96

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT: 187 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore


*About average height for an NBA SG with a below average wingspan

*Will need to add strength at the next level

*Average athlete who compensates with IQ and footwork

*Looks to get out on the wing in transition and is a capable ballhandler in the open floor

*Aggressively hunts for his own shots on the break but makes solid decisions when passing

*Devastating transition shooter from 3, off the dribble, in the corners and at the top as a trailer

*Can struggle finishing at the rim in traffic at times

*Shields the ball well with his body and the rim but his lack of length and leaping ability makes it more difficult

*Great shooter at 3 levels with NBA range

*Very consistent shot mechanics even under duress

*Moves around the perimeter well to open up passing lanes for the ballhandler

*Recognizes when his man is ball watching

*Resets quickly after a ball fake

*Attacks the closeout well with the one dribble pull up and a nice array of floaters in the paint

*Squares up quickly when coming off pin downs and recognizes when to flare out/curl

*Despite his athleticism, he does a good job to create separation to get his shot off in space

*Very crafty working off dribble hand offs

*Drives to both hands equally in iso but is much more effective going left

*Likes to iso on the right side of the floor

*Uses the PNR primarily to create separation for his pull up jumper

*Does a good job running his man into the screen 

*Solid passer coming off ball screens

*Can find the shooter on the weakside and cutters from the wings

*Can be late getting the ball to the PNP man and struggles to see the roll man


*Doesn’t have the physical profile of a good NBA defender but has a good motor and IQ

*Sneaky quick hands

*Struggles with the speed of guards his size and smaller and the strength/length of bigger wings

*Establishes good help defense positioning and closes out hard

*Doesn’t have the length to bother shooters much on the pull up

*Fights very hard through/around off ball screens and stays connected to shooters

*Knows when he should trail and when he should shoot the gap

*Struggles when put in ball screens because he can’t reaccelerate quick enough once his man gets a step on him

*Sticks with the play once beat but pretty ineffectual as a trailing defender

*Competes hard when he has to defend in the post and has a good base

*Doesn’t have the physical tools to defend bigger wings in the post

*Can be sealed high or pinned underneath and shot over


I love prospects who will have a defined role on an NBA roster and Luke Kennard is a player who will know his role  on an NBA roster. Shoot!


Kennard is arguably the best shooter in the draft (44% from 3) and shouldn’t have a problem adjusting to the NBA line next season. Even though he’s labeled a shooter, I see him as a shooter who can score as opposed to a scorer that can shoot. 


He’s not an NBA level athlete but he’s still more athletic than he’s given credit for. What he lacks in athleticism he makes up for it by being crafty with good footwork and fluidity.


Luke has a nice jab series and footwork that he uses to create space or stop on a dime and pull up when he faces a hard close out. He also moves well off the ball and knows how to get open. He’ll struggle finishing at rim on next level due to lack of explosiveness but he’s capable scoring off the dribble. When putting the ball on the floor he has  nice floaters that he shots with both hands to avoid going too deep in the paint..


A very underrated aspect of Kennard’s game is his passing and court vision he had 91 assists this year and only 59 turnovers. Kennard also has a great feel for the game and is a High IQ player.


Overall, I think Kennard will have a long NBA career and will carve out a niche as a role and serviceable starter. 


Luke Kennard is a great shooter. Both catch and shoot and off of screens. He's lethal. He's really improved from last season. He can put the ball on the ground too and has a nice change of pace to his game. He's 6-6 so I think he has the size to have a job for himself in the league. 


Kennard isn't winning any athleticism contests. He has average foot speed and will have to rely on his length. His biggest obstacle will be if he can defend guys at the next level. 




Knockdown shooter

Crafty scorer that can put the ball on the ground 

Shoots well on the move and stationary 

Should shoot well enough to stick around

Good size for a 2



Not a great athlete 

Can he guard at the next level?


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