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BIRTHDATE: 6/19/98

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Mississippi State

CLASS: Junior


Speed/Quickness- Fast in the open floor with an extra gear to get by the initial defender. Wreaks havoc in passing lanes

Ball Handling- Uses his quick first step, crossovers and a variety of hesitation moves to get by his man and to his spots. Shows ability to split double teams 

Catch and shoot- Has struggled with his shot to start the 17-18 season but showed a nice catch and shoot stroke his freshman year. Dangerous as a spot up artist or coming off pindowns, particularly towards his dominant left hand

PNR potential- Runs his man into the screen and attacks downhill. Finishes better in the paint when coming off ball screens and looks to kick out to the strong side.  

Late clock scoring- Very competitive. Has a knack for getting a decent look late in the shot/game clock. 

PNR defense - Pesky defender who is difficult to screen. Applies strong ball pressure prior to the pick, fights over it and sticks with the play. 

Active hands - Darts out into passing lanes effectively without gambling too much. Picks up steals when players begin to collect for a layup attempt. Digs down on bigs. 


Size- A bit undersized but looks to have a decent wingspan. His size can impair his vision out to the perimeter when he's in the middle of the defense. 

Finishing at the rim- Issues in traffic. Often moving too fast to get a great look. Starting to initiate more contact but attempts a lot of acrobatic finishes with the ball far away from his body to avoid length

Floater- Doesn't have a developed floater but sorely needs one. Doesn't have great touch 

Pull up jumper- Can create space with his handle but his pull up is very inconsistent. Tends to fade and shoot on his way down which narrows the window he creates for himself

Passing- Passes can float on him as he tries to pass over the defense. Doesn't really see the weakside that well. Not consistent landing passes in the shooting pocket

Defensive versatility- His size will leave him as a one position defender with very limited switchability.








BARLOWE - , 2017


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