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HEIGHT: 7'0"

WEIGHT: 230 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Creighton

CLASS: Freshman


*Good size and length for an NBA center

*Thin now but looks like he should fill out enough to hold up in post defense

*Very fluid big man with good athleticism

*Runs the floor hard

*Works hard to establish post position

*Equally comfortable posting on either block and very effective on duck-ins

*Soft touch with both hands around the rim

*Stronger when turning the right shoulder

*Good at sealing off a fronting defender and walking them up the lane

*Keeps the ball high when the double comes and can find shooters on the weakside

*Doesn’t set solid screens, often slips early

*Can collapse a defense with his rim rolling

*Makes a bee-line for the rim and is good at catching lobs

*Has the touch to develop a consistent midrange jumper and maybe further one day

*Can get to the rim from the high post vs centers


*Has good size and mobility which is great defending in space

*He athleticism will give him a chance to be a rim protector

*Moves his feet  and slides really well

*Communication on defense

*Lack of strength hurts his rebounding totals

*Get pushed around by physical defenders

*Must improve defensive instincts


*Moves his feet well and alters more shots than he blocks

*Has the tools to defend bigs off the dribble and be one of the better 7’ers on the switch vs guards

*Does seem uncomfortable on the perimeter when not engaged with the action and really drifts towards the rim, even vs floor spacers

*Gives a large cushion to spot up shooters and players in the high post, slow off the floor when defending jumpers

*Contests shots well off the drive

*He can be pushed under the rim if the opponent initiates contact, leads to him reaching and fouls

*Very active in PNR defense. Can hedge hard and recover to the roller

*Gives the PNP shooter too much cushion

*Has the speed and length to guard face up post players

*Strong players can establish good post position on him

*Tries to front the post probably more than he should. Vulnerable to being sealed high          


Justin Patton looks like the new aged big of the NBA. He has the mobility, length and athleticism very few 7 footers have. He rebounds out of position and runs the floor in just a few strides. Patton isn't asked of much in the post but does have touch around the basket with both hands. He's very Clint capela-ish in that he can screen and quickly position himself to catch lobs. Patton is probably my favorite big in the draft if he decides to leave. 


He's still developing as a basketball player (redshirted his freshman year) and he'll have to get stronger. He struggles to push bigger bigs off of the block but challenges shots with his length. He's probably a few years away from making a major impact. 


Rim runs

Rim protector 


Good hands 


Uses both hands around the basket 

Great touch, will shoot the occasional 3

Rebounds out of position 

Challenges shots


Will need to get stronger 

Will need to become "skinny strong"

Still a project


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