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BIRTHDATE: 2/18/97

POSITION: Small Forward/Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 230 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Maryland

CLASS: Sophomore


Length - Long limbed, plays taller than 6’7”; 7'3" wingspan
Shooting - 43.8% shooter from 3, Good shooting mechanics
Versatility - Modern day power forward but can play both forward spots
Rebounding - Solid rebounder, especially on the offensive glass

Athleticism - Solid athlete, finishing at the rim with a running start


Ball handling - Limited off the dribble, struggles to put the ball on the ground
Finishing in traffic - Struggles to finish in traffic, gets a lot of shots blocked
Left hand - Doesn't use left hand to finish, right hand dominant

Streaky - Is he a good shooter or just really streaky


Justin Jackson, the Canadian version that played for Maryland, had a very good freshman campaign for the Terrapins. In a complimentary role, Jackson averaged 10 points and a respectable 6 rebounds per game. His best asset is and always will be his ability to stretch the floor where he shot 44% from 3 on three attempts per game. He’s the prototypical small ball power forward that can shoot and defend multiple positions. He uses his excellent length and quick release to cause matchup problems at the college level.

With Melo Trimble graduating, I expect for Jackson to have a bigger role. I think he’s a good shooter but we will see how his percentages translate at a higher volume. He shot less than 70 percent from the foul line so I’m wondering if he’s truly a lights out shooter. He has a lot of bad misses either left or right which an area of concern for me. Hopefully he’s improved his ball handling, as he has a decent but inconsistent handle. I don’t think he’s a small forward but a tighter handle will help him exploit slower bigs on the perimete. Sometimes he’ll make a move that will leave you wanting for more and other times he looks stiff.

My biggest concern with Jackson is his ability to finish at the rim. He’s not a great athlete though he does have great length. He isn’t afraid of contact nor is he afraid to cut to the basket but he doesn’t finish with consistency. He’s not quick off his feet and he gets a lot of his shots blocked. He needs to add the push shot a la Thaddeus Young since he does have good touch. He’d have more value if he wasn’t just a pop guy.



Here is a breakdown of Jackson's possessions over the 2016-17 season

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