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POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: 185 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Northern Colorado

CLASS: Senior


Athleticism - Explosive athlete

Scoring - Averaged 19 point per game as a sophomore

Size - Solid measurables at 6’2” 185
Finishing - Great body control to avoid defenders, Excellent finisher around the basket, Crafty in traffic
Transition - Very good in transition, has a variety of ways he attacks defenders

Attacking - Constantly puts pressure on the defenses with his drives

Passing - Willing passer, averaged 5 assists per game


Mid Range - No in between game, just drives to basket, Floaters need work (when he shoots them)
Shooting - Shaky shooter in general, turns his hips right as he shoots
Range - Shot below 30% from 3, Doesn't shoot 3s off the dribble

Turnovers - Averaged 4.3 turnovers per game


Jordan Davis is not a household name at this point but the super athletic guard out of Northern Colorado can play. He may have gone unnoticed by Power 5 conferences and basketball fans alike, but the Azerbaijan National team took notice to his talents. The 6’2” had the unique opportunity to play for Azerbaijan at the FIBA U20 Championships this past summer and put up great numbers averaging 26.8 ppg.

At Northern Colorado, Davis had free reign over the offense to attack in transition and in pick and roll which made up 53% of all possessions. He’s got a good change of pace and his lightning quick in the half court. It’s no secret that Davis wants to get to the basket and Davis is one of the better finishers I’ve seen in all of college basketball at his position. In terms of playmaking, Davis won’t necessarily ‘wow’ you with his vision but he gets the job done by constantly putting pressure on the defenses. And even as a dominant scorer, he is more than a willing passer. He also put up very good numbers against three Power 5 non conference games (20.8 ppg, 4 apg)

The biggest knock(s) on Davis’ game is and will be his jump shot. His mechanics aren’t great but I think with repetition he can keep defenses honest. I will say he doe slightly swing his hips to the right as he releases. It’s a correctable issue. An encouraging note is Davis shot 35% from 3 in FIBA ball. On the contrary, Davis has struggled from the foul line in both his seasons at Northern Colorado and also only shot 60% from the foul line for Azerbaijan.

Shooting off the dribble in general needs to be a major focus for Davis. In the NBA, teams are going to dare him to shoot by constantly going under his screens. A lack of a consistent jump shot has capped the potential of guys like Elfrid Payton and Emmanuel Mudiay although Davis is more explosive than both. Davis will also need to add a floater to his game. He’s a great finisher at the collegiate level but his efficiency will be challenged at the next level playing against the best of the best.




Here is a breakdown of Davis' possessions over the 2016-17 season

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