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BIRTHDATE: 9/23/97

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'10"

WEIGHT: 235 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Wake Forest

CLASS: Sophomore


*Has the size of a PF and the game of a center

*Explosive athlete with a strong frame

*Finishes above the rim with ease but also has good touch when finishing in the paint

*Soft hands  when catching the ball on the move

*Makes good contact on his screens and dives hard to the rim

*Can finish through contact

*Works hard to establish post position but can be moved off his spot by stronger players

*Likes to post after a PNR roll, especially when the defense switches

*Can hit a face up jumper over smaller opponents

*Beats slower bigs with quick-hitting drives and jumphooks

*Effective on both blocks and when he flashes to the middle

*Likes to turn the right shoulder

*Good passer out of the post. Sees shooters on the weakside, cutters and can play high-low

*Very limited ball skills


*Moves his feet well in space

*Gives a proper cushion to ballhandlers and keeps his hands up when guarding on the perimeter

*Even when beat, stays with the play

*Very jumpy vs the ball fake on jumpers

*Usually takes up good help defense positioning

*Gets a good contest when closing out on shooters, has the speed to adjust when a shooter attacks

*Has the tools to guard the PNR in the modern NBA

*Capable of hedging and recovering 

*Doesn’t establish a strong base in post defense, stands too tall 

*Tries to lean on post players to move them off their spot, which leaves him susceptible to quick moves off the catch

*Can be pinned under the rim by stronger players

*Is capable of blocking shots but isn’t imposing as rim protector



John Collins looks good at the 4. He's primarily a back to the basket big and is efficient on the block (.994 ppp.) He's got really good touch around the basket and when he does miss, he's got one of the quickest second jumps in all of college basketball. Collins is a very good athlete with great hands. He doesn't shoot very many jumpers but his form looks good and he's a 72% free throw shooter. 


It looks like the coaching staff only wants him to play with his back to the basket. He's going to have to adjust to the NBA which isn't a lot of post ups anymore. Again, I don't know how consistent his 15-18 jump shot is due to the infrequency of how many jumpers he shoots. He's big and athletic but all of that was neutralized (3-8 shooting) against UNC. I wish he had more in his arsenal in terms of a face up game. 



Back to the basket big (.994 ppp)

Great touch


Gets good position on duck ins in transition 

Active on the glass


Good touch on his jumper 

Quick second jump 

Great hands

Good enough FT shooter

Good rim protector 



Not sure if he can shoot consistently 

Can he pick and pop?

Could be more patient in the post 

Can he score without over powering you?(just 3-8 against UNC)

Needs more of a face up game and counter moves 

Looks like he has an average wing span


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