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BIRTHDATE: 2/12/99

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 175 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore


Athleticism- Smooth athlete who is fast in the open court with an extra gear to get by defenders. Good first step and agility.  Plays above the rim easily off one or both feet. 

Ball Handling- Uses a mix of crossovers and hesitation moves to separate from his defender without a screen. Can make moves while shifting gears in the open floor. 

Transition game- Shows flashes of being able to lead the break as a scorer and facilitator. A potentially dangerous shooter when he gets out on the wings who can also attack the rim. Finishes with authority when given a free run to the rim. 

Shooting Potential- Good mechanics, a smooth shooting motion and high release point. Has shown NBA range. Doesn’t settle for deep 2s. His off the dribble shooting efficiency is affected by his, at times, questionable, shot selection.  

Touch- Has a nice floater that he should use more. Soft touch on the short jumpers he takes off the dribble as well

Secondary Creator- Can make all the basic reads and passes, shows some ability to pass with both hands but doesn’t have an advanced PG feel for the game. 


Size- Decent height at 6’2” but very thin with an average wingspan. 

Strength- Avoids contact due to his lack of strength. Very reactive to a defender bumping or pushing him.

Finishing in traffic- In an effort to avoid contact, Hands attempts acrobatic finishes in traffic. He doesn’t shield the ball all that well and his lack of length shows up vs big defenders despite his athleticism.

Control- Can be overly aggressive attacking the rim and lets is athleticism get away from him. Would benefit from more two-foot finishing attempts where he can kind of square himself and determine where he’s going instead of flying by the rim out of bounds.

Decision Making- Tends to jump on drives when away from the rim without much of plan leads to rushed jump passes. Will also pick up his dribble at inopportune times. 

Turnovers- Assist to turnover ratio leaves a lot to be desired. Shows flashes of being a creator but has a tendency to hunt for the highlight. Doesn’t always recognize the fill man helping and can get the ball poked away from him.

Defensive Versatility- Due to his physical profile, he will be a one-position defender. Shows flashes of being a good defender but loses track of his man off ball and is really reactive to dribble moves.








BARLOWE - , 2017


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