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BIRTHDATE: 4/21/98


HEIGHT: 6'11"

WEIGHT: 225 lbs


CLASS: Freshman


*Good height, thin frame and great length

*Average athlete but moves very smoothly

*Maintains spacing and runs hard on the break

*Good hands catching on the move and soft touch around the rim

*Susceptible to getting blocked as he’s not a quick jumper and has to gather himself

*Relies mostly on his length on the offensive glass but will fight for the ball

*Inconsistent with how much contact he makes on screens

*He likes to slip straight into a pop

*When he does roll, it’s more rounded than a hard cut

*Capable of occasionally hitting shorter midrange shots

*Shooting form is inconsistent, shot to shot especially with more distance

*Works hard to seal off post defenders

*Better when turning the right shoulder on both blocks

*Sees the double late and can be trapped causing turnovers

*Soft touch on his jump hook

*Contact really bothers him


*Smooth sliding his feet for a player his size but when he commits to a direction he struggles changing his momentum

*Keeps his hands high when guarding on the perimeter

*His length really bothers shooters

*Likes to stay in the middle of the floor and can be slow to shooters in the corner

*Sags almost to the  lane when defending the PNR, difficulty getting to a popping big man

*Doesn’t have the footspeed to show on PNRs and recover to his man

*Slow getting through off ball screens

*Doesn’t establish a strong base when defending the post

*Can be pinned under the rim or sealed and walked up the lane

*Uses his length to contest post moves but is slow off the ground, allows people to shoot over him

I like Jarrett Allen. He's a good athlete and he's active on the glass. He has a quick second jump. At Texas, he primarily plays with his back to the basket where he shows good footwork and touch over both shoulders. He has nice mechanics on his jump shot with good range at about 15-18 feet. 


He's still really skinny. I like him as an athlete but he really only shows it when he's dunking. He isn't as active on the defensive glass as he is on the offensive glass. He has a lot of potential on both sides of the ball. He won't be able to bang right away so he'll have to keep working on his jump shot. For someone with great mechanics, he should be shooting better than 51% from the foul line. He's one that could probably be better than what he's shown as UT has had plenty of problems at the PG spot. 



Good athlete 

Active on the glass

Potential as a shooter 

Good touch around the basket 

Good length 

Good back to the basket game

Quick second jump

Turns over both shoulders

Good footwork



Slight frame 

Only shows explosion when dunking

Should be a better FT shooter (51%)


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