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BIRTHDATE: 1/15/05

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'5"


SCHOOL/ TEAM: Real Madrid (Spain)

CLASS: International 


Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 10.02.57 PM.png


  • Big guard at 6’5”

  • Excellent pace

  • Offensive creativity  

  • Shake and bake off dribble 

  • Good burst 

  • Body control 

  • Physical 

  • Floater package and great touch around the rim 

  • Elite at changing directions 

  • Will try to post smaller guards

  • Aggressive mentality

  • Solid court vision 

  • Draws fouls at incredible rate

  • Loves to get down hill

  • Does all his damage in the paint 

  • One on one isolation scorer 

  • Goran Dragic and Luka Doncic style of play

  • Splits P&R 

  • Layups and floaters buckets all day 

  • Strong rebounder 


  • Slow mechanical jump shot 

  • Reluctant to shoot 

  • Misses bad at the rim 

  • Must increase assist to turnover ratio

  • Look Iike he prays for 3’s to go in

  • Jan Vide is an aggressive big time scorer from Slovenia that averaged 27 points per game at FIBA U16 European Challengers 


  • Vide is an advanced shot creator at 1. There are few players in his generation that can come close to his scoring production. He has a deep bag of tricks and floaters or runners are a huge part of his scoring arsenal.  




  • Nearly 30% of his possessions in the half court ended with Vide shooting a floater or a runner. 




  • He shot 47.6% on floaters and was pretty much equally efficient as a pull up shooter inside of 17 feet where he connected on 47.1% of his jumpers. 




  •  38.9% of his jump shots off the dribble in 5 games. 


  • Although on paper he averaged an impressive 27 points per game, those numbers would likely be even higher if not for a game where he only played 13 minutes and had 4 points. Prior to that performance he lit up Israel for 34 points.

  • Scored 28 vs Belgium, 31 point 8 assist performance vs Turkey and had his best scoring output of 38 points against Serbia. 



One of the reasons he was able to put up such huge numbers is his offensive creativity. I love his ability to create offense for himself off the bounce…. I’m always high on players who are creative scorers and have a knack for finding ways to put the ball in the basket..


Vide has the handle, skill, mindset and most importantly, the confidence to be a big time scoring option this is one of the reasons I’m personally excited about his future and looking forward to following his progress in the years to come..


Vide has already mastered the art of drawing fouls. He attempted 63 free throws over a 4 game stretch. Against Turkey he got to the charity stripe 22 times. If you take away the game he only played 13 minted he averaged 15.7 free throw attempts per game.  To say Vide is an aggressive attacker is definitely an understatement. 



He’ll more than likely have to be more of a distributor than scorer playing for Real Madrid, which off the top of my head has at least 10 NBA prospects in their system. 


As far as areas for improvement, Vide must improve as a shooter. He’s definitely more of shot maker than shooter and  doesn’t look confident in catch and shoot situations where he missed all seven of his attempts… 


He averaged 27 points per game and only made 6 three pointers. I also think he may need to make some changes in his form, he has a slow mechanical release and does not always have good balance. While he’s a good shooter off the dribble, he currently lacks the range to be consistent outside of 15 feet. 


But he’s only 16 and is a few years away from the NBA draft, but he’s definitely one of the prospects I’ll be following closely over the next couple of seasons. 

Rafael Barlowe - August 30, 2021

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