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BIRTHDATE: 3/30/01


HEIGHT: 7'1"

WEIGHT: 240 lbs


CLASS: Freshman

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  • Positional size and length

  • 7'6" wingspan

  • Quick twitch/bouncy and explosive coordinated athlete

  • Offensive package (Face up, turn around jumpers, running hooks, step backs)

  • Gets off the floor fast

  • Runs floor effortlessly

  • Good footwork

  • Soft touch around the rim

  • Keeps the ball high

  • Doesn't need to load up on his jumps

  • Vertical lob threat

  • Potential as a passer

  • Threat to get easy buckets on offensive glass

  • Can face up and attack close outs

  • Potential as a shooter

  • Grab and go potential

  • Long Giannis like strides

  • Unlimited potential on both sides of the ball

  • Potential as a rim protector


  • Slim frame and must get stronger

  • Must improve right hand

  • Struggles with physicality; Will shoot all jumpers vs stronger defenders

  • Tendency to settle for jumpers

  • Has a tendency to blend in instead of dominate

  • Still raw and must improve feel and IQ


James Wiseman is arguably the most talented player in the country and one of the early favorites to be the top pick of the 2020 NBA Draft. Wiseman is a generational talent blessed with excellent physical tools at 7'1" and a 7'6" wingspan. He runs the floor effortlessly like a gazelle, can post up, make face up jumpers and has the vertical pop and explosiveness to make plays above the rim. 

As of today it looks like his freshman season is in serious jeopardy after 3 games and I believe he's done enough to solidify himself as the #1 pick. He's been able to show his athleticism, shot blocking, rebounding , shooting touch and ability to draw fouls. I've been impressed with his ability to keep the ball high on offensive rebounds and how he does not need to squad or load up his jumps to finish in the paint.

Coming into the season, I wanted to see if Wiseman would be able to answer questions about his motor and how he plays against physical defenders. Hopefully we'll be able to see more of Wiseman whether its in the NCAA, NBL or CBA before the draft.


Rafael Barlowe November 16, 2019


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