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BIRTHDATE: 9/29/00

POSITION: Combo Forward

HEIGHT: 6'9"

WEIGHT: 200 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Washington

CLASS: Freshman

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  • Great agility and coordination for his size

  • Crafty, shifty and natural ball handler

  • Scoring instincts/creativity

  • Plays tough despite slim frame

  • Comfortable creating off the dribble

  • Has size, length and footwork to get to his spots and elevate over defenders

  • Decent feel as a passer

  • Shot blocking ability


  • Slim frame, must bulk up

  • Can be ball stopper

  • Very skilled and talented but does not have one thing he does great at this point in his career 

  • Inefficient scorer

  • Must improve shooting consistency

  • Tendency to be a ball stopper

  • Settles for pull up jumper

  • Getting to the rim off the dribble


Jaden McDaniels is arguably the most gifted and talented prospect in the draft with his combination of size, athleticism, ball handling and creativity. While he's likely a lottery pick based off his talent and potential, McDaniels does not have one skillset he brings to the table every night. On a good day he can look like Brandon Ingram and the next day he can remind me of Cam Reddish.

Rafael Barlowe -  December 1, 2019

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