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POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'10"

WEIGHT: 220 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: California

CLASS: Sophomore


*Good height and length for a PF

*A little thin now but is adding weight

*Good athlete, more fluid than explosive

*Doesn’t get out in transition often but is efficient when he does and can score as a trailer

*Post heavy player that will have to diversify 

*Posts equally on both blocks but is more effective on the left side

*He doesn’t have a strong base but he keeps a wide stance when establishing post postion that should serve him as he gets stronger

*Has the speed and footwork to hurt bigs with his face up game

*Can feel the double team and has good vision out of the post

*Sees cutters and the strongside shooters well

-*Very good big to big passer 

*Posts to facilitate as much as he does to score

*Has a workable jumper out to the college 3

*Good form with a high release point

*Has a tendency to hand in the air a beat too long, especially on his midrange jumpers and it leads to his shot falling short

*Good cutter who always has his hands ready

*Doesn’t set solid screens

*Doesn’t maximize spacing when he pops

*Doesn’t roll hard to the rim

*Can adjust in the air when he finishes at the rim

*Uses his length to keep the ball alive on the offensive glass


*Moves his feet well on the perimeter, capable on the switch

*Gives ballhandlers a bit too much cushion which allows them to shoot over his length

*Can struggle contesting shots at the rim when guarding a player driving from the perimeter

*Can overrotate but generally takes up good help defense positioning

*Able to cover a lot of ground on closeouts

*Gets a good contest on spot up shooters 

*Slow to get around off ball screens. Looks like a footwork issue

*Has the quickness but not necessarily the motor to be a good PNR defender

*Does a good job corralling the ballhandler on the PNR but commits too much

*Slow to the big on the pop, even vs known shooters

*Can be pinned deep into the post but fights hard

*Keeps his hands up when defending the post and his length bothers people

*Struggles vs power moves


Ivan Rabb appears to be mobile. He doesn't shoot very many jumpers but it looks like has good touch. He spends the majority of his time playing with his back to the basket and uses both hands equally. I like how he wants to be physical and rebounds out of position and plays hard every possession. . 


The problem I have with Rabb is that he really struggles to score with his back to the basket. Through 10 games, he's scoring .778 points per post up (synergy) and that's only against one top 25 team. He plays below the rim and isn't the strongest either. I almost feel like he should scrap trying to be physical and extend his range and improving his jumpshot. I think he lacks the explosiveness to be successful playing the way he does now.  



Shows good touch on his jumper 

Uses both hands well 

Wants to be physical 

Rebounds out of position 


Plays below the rim 

Very average athlete 

Struggles to finish in traffic 

.778 points per post up against non NBA talent through 10 games 

Should focus on being a stretch 4

Not a shot blocker 


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