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POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'6"

WEIGHT: 175 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Arkansas

CLASS: Sophomore

Isaiah Joe I.png


  • Very good shooter from deep (41% from three on 8 3FGA per game)

  • Quick trigger; Effortless stroke

  • Does not need a lot of space to get shot off; sets his feet quick

  • Comfortable shooting on the move

  • Understands spacing and how to get open

  • Active off the ball

  • Decent east and west ball handler 

  • Can create space off the dribble to get a clean look

  • Has a step back off the dribble 3 ball in his arsenal

  • Good fall as a passer/ ball mover

  • Can make good reads out of pick & roll

  • Draws a decent amount of fouls for a non slasher


  • Super skinny frame; Must bulk up

  • Struggles finishing in the paint vs contact

  • Looks uncomfortable when forced to put the ball on the floor

  • Can be easily bumped off his spots

  • Tendency to take bad shots (In his defense, teammates threw him a lot of bombs)

  • Needs to add a mid range pull up, floater to offset hard close outs


Arkansas sharpshooter Isaiah Joe is coming off a record breaking freshman season where he converted 113 3 pointers at a 41% clip.

Joe did not come to Fayetteville as a top NBA prospect last season, but will enter his sophomore season as one of the most scouted players in the country. Blessed with a effortless stroke, quick trigger, positional size and a defined role, Joe would be the ideal complimentary sidekick for a ball dominant superstar.

I'd like to see Joe add strength and improve his off the dribble game as a sophomore. Adding a floater and becoming better at attacking close outs would life Isaiah Joe into the mid 1st round or higher.

Rafael Barlowe - November 16, 2019

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