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POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 7'0"

WEIGHT: 245 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania)

CLASS: Germany


*Not an explosive athlete but a very fluid big with a strong frame

*Good leaper off two feet

*Runs the break hard 

*Really expressive after good and bad plays, a bit of a hot head

*Can and will grab a rebound and push the break, has to watch the turnovers here

*Despite his strength, he doesn’t establish post position

*He prefers to float in the midpost, then use his strength and footwork to make his move

*When he does get position, he finishes very  well around the rim with contact

*Fights for 2nd chance points

*Can rack up free throw attempts

*Can be a bit of a ball stopper when he gets on the perimeter and is turnover prone when he does so

*Quick first step for a 7 footer

*High release point on his jumper

*Often starts his shooting motion with his feet too close together 

*Doesn’t set solid screens

*Good attacking the closeout and getting to the rim

*Able to catch and shoot in pick and pops

*Good cutter who recognizes when a defense is overstretching


*Has the physical tools to be a capable defender

*Quick and active hands, which can lead to steals and fouls

*Moves his feet very well in space

*Will chase the block

*Can be caught ball watching. When he does he tends to drift which leaves him late on closeouts

*Isn’t a physical presence in the post or at the rim



I had the opportunity to watch Isaiah at the FIBA Under 18s in Samsun, Turkey in December 2016. The first thing I noticed was his size and how well he moves around the floor. He plays with an edge and confidence that some may consider arrogant or cocky, but I see that as a positive.

Hartenstein is a skilled lefty who can play inside, outside, run the floor, handle the ball and is a willing passer. Even though he's highly skilled, he plays extremely hard which sometimes works against him. He's active and draws a lot of fouls, but he's also over aggressive at times and picks up a lot of cheap fouls.

In order for him to be successful in the NBA he'll need to get stronger and improve his balance. He ends up on the floor at the end of his drives to basket way too often due to being out of control and lack of strength. I think the first couple years in NBA will be a major struggle for him (like most teenagers) but he'll develop into a nice player with a long NBA career.

His post game needs some polish as he has a tendency to bring the ball down which leads to getting stripped. If he misses a short hook he's pretty much guaranteed to pick up a foul chasing the offensive rebound.

Hartenstein's skill set is ideal for today's NBA and he has the potential to be weapon as a small ball center who can stretch the floor and pass out of the high post.

I like his court vision but he needs to improve as a passer, he either forces the passes in tight spaces or fires a fastball that is impossible to catch.

Isaiah is very, very expressive. He taunts opponents,  yells at teammates for mistakes and displays negative body language.

Overall, I like his potential as a pick & roll/pop big who can grab rebounds and push the fast break or finish breaks as a rim runner.


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