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BIRTHDATE: 4/13/96

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 202 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Kentucky

CLASS: Sophomore


Isaiah Briscoe should have been better than what he is now. He's got a great build, he's physical, and his handle is pretty tight. He does a good job at of finding his teammates in transition and by breaking the defense down. He's really good at getting his body into defenders and finishing.


Obviously, the problem with Briscoe is that he can't shoot at all. He's tried to improve and he as more of a willing shooter early on but the little confidence he had is gone. You could hide your worst defender on him and tell him to back up. He should be making a thousand jumpers a day and he needs to tighten up his mechanics. That shaky jump shot leads to bad turnovers because he's driving into a set defense. Briscoe really struggles to finish if he can't get into the defense as he plays below the rim. 



Great build, physical 

Good vision 

Good playmaker 


Very good handle 



Terrible shooter, often turns down open 3s for contested pull ups. 

Turnover prone 

Doesn't finish well if he can't get his body into the defense 

Has never been the full time PG

​​​​​JAMES BARLOWE - APRIL 8, 2017

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