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BIRTHDATE: 3/28/04


HEIGHT: 6'10"


SCHOOL/ TEAM: Real Madrid (Spain)

CLASS: International 




  • Good positional size for a 4/5

  • High upside as a shooter

  • Toughness and athleticism 

  • Can attack out of mid post 

  • Puts the ball on the floor and looks to finish strong 

  • Has some grit to his game and plays with an edge

  • Good athlete

  • Runs the floor 

  • Active and plays hard 

  • Can score as the roll man or pick & pop 

  • Good passing instincts 

  • Good footwork in the post

  • Quick decisive moves 

  • Draws fouls 

  • Interior presence shot blocker

  • Averaged 3.8 blocks per game at U18s


  • Lacks strength

  • Finishing touch shots through contact

  • Sometimes struggles with physicality

  • Shooting consistency

The future of Estonia basketball is Henri Veesaar. I think he’ll be the first player to Rep Estonia since Martin Muursepp played in the league back in 96-97.


At the very minimum, Veesaar projects to be a pick & pop 5 in the NBA. Although he only shot 28% from 3 U18 European challengers, he shot over 41% from 3 in last season through 8 games for Real Madrid in the Adidas Next Generation tournament. He also shot 43% from deep in 2020 at the U 16 Baltic Sea Cup.


Although I believe his main skill set will be as a floor spacer, Veesar can also get buckets around the rim.  He’s an intuitive cutter that finds gaps in defenses, with a solid post game that should develop nicely once he gets stronger and is able to establish good low post position. He also has the athleticism to serve as a vertical lob threat and make plays above the rim… But what I really love most about his game is he’s tough, he plays with passion and finishing strong with authority around the rim.


At the U18s there were a few examples of him putting the ball on the floor and finishing with highlight reel dunks mixed with a little nastiness and attitude.


Veesaar is an effective slasher on straight line drives due to his solid ball handling, agility and coordination. He often displays nifty moves where he shows off his body control and finishes with inside hand scoop finishes. Remember this is a 6’10 center!


There’s also flashes of shot creation in his skill set or bag as the young kids say. I definitely see the potential to develop into a matchup nightmare out of the mid post considering he has the touch and ability to shoot over the top of smaller defenders, he’ll need to strengthen his base to maximize part of his game but he’s got a little bit of Dirk in him.



Playmaking is an area where I think he can be special. He’s a gifted passer with a good feel for the game and high IQ. Real Madrid does a really good job of developing their prospects into high level passers. We all know Luka Doncic is an exceptional playmaker and I thought 2021 NBA first round pick Usman Garuba was an underrated ball mover that made good decisions when he was involved in ball screens.


Veesar has a really high upside as a ball distributor. Everyone once in a while he’ll wow you with impressive passes and reads that are advanced for a 17 year old.  I think he has the potential to be a hub that can make plays for others put of the low post, high post and even as a short roll playmaker. Now if he can develop into a rebound and run transition creator. Watch out! 


The last area that I want to highlight on the offensive end of the floor is his motor and energy. He can impact games just off his activity alone. He has a knack for collecting easy tip dunks off his teammates misses and averaged over 3 Offensive rebounds per game at the U18s this summer. I know I’ve keep saying it, but I’m a fan of his toughness, motor and grit. His offensive rebounding numbers tell the story of how hard he plays and his  competitive fire.



Speaking of competitive fire…  Veesaar was an big time interior presence this summer with a tournament leading 3.8 blocks per game.  He averaged a crazy impressive 5 blocks per 40 minutes. Highlighted by a 7 block performance vs Israel on August 8th. His combination of length and shot blocking instincts makes him one of the most intimidating rim protectors in his age group. 


His upside as a two way player is one of the reasons I’m so high on Veesaar as an NBA prospect. Victor Wembanyama is a cant miss prospect that has everyone’s attention but he’s not the only inside/outside threat that also impacts games on the defensive end of the floor born in 2004. 


As far as areas for improvement. Like the majority of prospects, he’ll need to bulk up and get stronger in his upper and lower body. His body has definitely improved over the last year and he looks like he can fill out and play comfortably around 240-250 pounds in his prime. 


I also think his lack of strength plays a role when it comes to finishing touch shots around the rim. I believe his touch is good as he’s an efficient 3 point shooter and makes free throws at a high rate, but he has a tendency to miss touch shots around the rim through contact. 

Rafael Barlowe - August 21, 2021

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