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BIRTHDATE: 10/8/95

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 185 lbs


CLASS: Senior


Shot maker - Scores in a variety of ways and makes difficult contested shots. Uses shot fakes and step backs to create space over defenders

Shooting ability - Scores on 3 levels in college with more than half attempts coming from behind arc. Can shoot 3's on the move &off pin downs

Athleticism - Very good straight line athlete that can make plays above the rim and make highlight reel finishes 

Passing - Solid court vision; good fit a secondary ball handler paired with a point guard

Transition scoring - Can finish break by filling the lanes or spot up for 3 in transition

Attacking close outs - Has the ability to attack closeouts by getting to basket or driving and kicking and creating for others

Free throw shooting - Can rack of free throw attempts and make them at a high rate

Motor - Plays hard and with passion. Always gives maximum effort


Decision making - Has tendency to force plays and take tough contested shots

Streaky shooter - Can score points in bunches or go on long cold streaks. More of scorer than pure shooter

First step - Doesn't have the first step to blow by elite NBA level defenders

Ball Handling - Lacks creativity as a ball handler to beat defenders off the dribble

Positional Size - Small for a NBA shooting guard. Lacks ideal size and the plus wingspan

Rebounding - Doesn't project to be more than an average rebounder on next level


Grayson Allen is good slasher. He gets to the line a lot is really aggressive in the half court. He has long strides and euro steps a lot in traffic. I think he's a good athlete. Duke has been iffy at the PG spot and Allen has done well as a playmaker for the team. 


He looks like a volume shooter that can't shoot. Through 13 games he's only shooting 39% from the field and 34% from the 3 point line. Numbers like that don't wow you and he has a lot of bad misses. He's also out of control a lot. He doesn't play above the rim and any contact usually results with him on the floor. He should really add a floater to his game. His shot selection isn't great. Will his slashing ability translate? 



Good slasher

Gets to the foul line 

Good athlete 

Good footwork in terms covering a lot of ground 

Pretty good playmaker 


Might be a shooter that can't shoot and is more a volume shooter/ streak shooter. 

Shooting 39% through 13 games. 34% on 3s

Plays out of control 

Questionable shot selection 

Finishing in the paint will be a challenge 

Should use floater more often

Will his slashing ability translate 


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