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BIRTHDATE: 7/20/99


HEIGHT: 6'11"

WEIGHT: 250 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Budućnost

CLASS: International

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  • Excellent pick & roll man

  • Active motor and plays with energy

  • Strong skill set; Can post, play as roll man, cutter and decent shooter

  • Potential as a stretch 5

  • Plays with a toughness and mean streak

  • Solid passing instincts

  • Good feel for the game

  • Good rebounder 

  • Protects the rim

  • Looks to run the floor hard for easy layups

  • Can finish with both hands in space

  • Pick & Pop potential 

  • Decent ball handler for size


  • Must add strength

  • Ineffective in the post vs stronger player

  • Struggles scoring vs length

  • Needs to improve finishing in traffic

  • Limited post game off the right shoulder

  • Lacks non dunk/soft touch finishes around the rim

  • Misses a lot of layups against contact

  • Face up game

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