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BIRTHDATE: 5/29/98

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Strausborg (France)

CLASS: International 


*Exceptional size and length for a lead ballhandler

*Very thin but has the frame to fill out

*More fluid than explosive and plays at his own pace

*Plays with a command in PNR not often seen in players his age

*Very strong and decisive with his dribble

*Changes his speed to keep his defender off balance

*Sets his man up to be screen well

*Punishes defenders from 3 when they go under the screen or die on it

*Great vision but doesn’t hunt for the highlight assist

*Comfortable making every pass, whether roller, popping big or shooters on the wing. 

*Poised and patient vs ball pressure

*Very dangerous off the dribble shooter from midrange to NBA range

*Particularly effective on 1 and 2 dribble pull ups when attacking closeouts

*Used sparingly as a spot up shooter but could adapt to playing off the ball

*Struggles finishing at the rim in traffic

*Right hand dominant as a finisher, left hand and a floater will really help him

*Can play above the rim in the open floor

*Has a shifty crossover that is more of an east to west move and opens up his jumper more than drives to the rim


*Has the quickness and length to disrupt ballhandlers

*Active hands when on ball

*Does a really good job of not getting screened

*Can stick with shooters running around multiple off ball screens

*Fights through ball screens when opponents do make solid contact

*Recognizes when he should switch onto the PNR big man

*Takes up good help defense positioning

*Closes out on shooters aggressively but in control

*His length bothers shooters on the contest

*A stronger wing could take him to the post

*Should be able to defend both guard positions

Frank Ntilikina has great size and length for the point guard position. He can really shoot the ball either off of the dribble or catching and shooting. He's quick but still plays with a good pace. He's got a ton of defensive potential due to his physical stature. Ntkiltina is going to dissect a defense with his passing but he can make the necessary reads. 


While he's a gifted athlete, ntkiltina just doesn't get to the rim or the foul line enough for me. He only shot 12 free throws in 6 FIBA games. When he does get to the rim, he struggles to finish. He can handle the ball but looks to only have a few moves which mobile bigs were neutralizing. Also, he needs to be more decisive instead of doing 3-4 moves without going anywhere or creating space. 




Very Good shooter off the bounce and catch and shoot

Good quickness 

Good pace

Tons of defensive potential 



Could be more decisive off the dribble 

His only advanced move is a lift fake

Needs to improve his finishing at the rim 

I feel like he should be getting either to the FT line more or getting the basket 

(13 attempts in 6 games)


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