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POSITION: Small Forward

HEIGHT: 6'9"

WEIGHT: 195 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Cedevita Zagreb (Croatia)

NATIONALITY: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Scoring Ability - Aggressive scorer that mixes shooting jumpers, slashing, euro steps and floaters and post ups to put the ball in basket

Size - Excellent size and skills for a small forward at 6'9"

Court Vision - Has good court vision and passing instincts when playing under control

Crafty - Understands how to draw fouls, plays lefty but shoots right handed

Grab & Go - Good speed in open court. Can start or finish fast breaks

Ball handling - Very good ball handler for his size; has advanced dribbles moves

Versatility - Could possibly play minutes at 4 different positions in the right situation


Turnover prone - Very confident player and his confidence can lead to turnovers and bad shots

Finishing in traffic - Struggles finishing in traffic vs shot blockers and through contact

Looking for fouls - Tendency to look for refs to bail him while drawing fouls

Streaky shooter - Shot is improving but is still pretty streaky and has bad misses

Position - While his versatility is a plus, what's his best position? Can he play off the ball?

Shot selection - Playing much better as a pro, but often took a lot of bad shots on national team; Tendency to take tough off balanced shots







BARLOWE - , 2017


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