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BIRTHDATE: 8/30/95

POSITION: Small Forward

HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 221 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Florida State

CLASS: Sophomore


*Good size and good length for an NBA swingman

*Strong frame that he uses effectively to play through contact

*Good athlete who can finish above the rim

*Really likes to get out in transition, can lead the break or fill the wings

*Aggressively hunts for his shot on the break and will look to score from all 3  levels

*Can settle for too many mid-long 2s in transition

*Flashes solid vision in transition but is much more scorer than creator

*Slightly above average finisher around the rim, has increasingly nice touch on his floater

*Average ballhandler, very right hand dominant

*Able to get to his spots in college but lacks the creativity or shiftiness to consistently create on the next level

*Plays with his head down and can get out of control 

*Gets by his man mostly with his first step and basic moves, then uses his body to shield the ball

*Initiates contact to keep defenders off balance

*Struggles to finish when he drives baseline

*Most effective off the dribble in the middle of the floor

*Doesn't run his man into screens

*Puts pressure on the defense by immediately looking for his shot when coming off ball screens

*Has a habit of coming off the screen and trying to cut back towards the direction he just came from. It interferes with the roll of the screener

*Operates in high PNR the most but is more effective on side PNRs in a limited sample

*Mostly looks for his midrange pull up coming off ball screens

*Rarely sees the roll man, but will try to force it to him occasionally which results in a far share of turnovers

*Doesn't consistently put the ball in the shooting pocket when he drives and kicks

*Isn't always aware of how he affects spacing along the perimeter, can set up too close to a teammate 

*Ok shooting form but his mechanics aren't the same every shot

*Doesn't jump straight up and down on his pull up attempts, leans and fades often

*Knees sink towards his center when gathering for his shot

*Misses badly fairly frequently, shot off to either side or very hard

*Capable of attacking closeouts to multiple levels. He can get all the way to the rim, floater or midrange pull up

*Below average shooter from range but accurate inside the arc

*Is much more streaky than consistent, capable of big runs and droughts

*Seems to be a better shooter with a hand in his face, especially in catch and shoot situations

*Struggles shooting off pin downs, Slow to catch, square and fire


*Poor defender in space, gives up straight line drives and is overreactive to crossovers

*Has the strength to size up and guard bigger players

*Don’t contest pull up jumpers well

*Can be foul prone when isolated

*Likes to gamble for steals when off ball that take him out of help defense positioning

*Gets caught ball watching, often out of position to closeout on spot up shooters

*Gives known shooters too much space

*Commonly dies on ball screens and lacks effort through the rest of the possession

*Doesn’t always choose the proper means of navigating the ball screen, will sometimes go under when he should be fighting through it

*Slow fighting through off ball screens as well, far too often doesn’t even get a contest


Dwayne Bacon has a good frame and looks like he's a good athlete. He relies a lot on his mid range jumper. He's pretty streaky from 3. 


 Bacon looks like he's patterned his game after the old version of Kobe. He settles for a lot of contested pull up jumpers and has a questionable shot selection. He isn't asked to play much PNR and isn't much of a playmaker. 




Good frame

Good athlete 

Mid range reliant

Streak shooter



Looks like he patterns his game after 35 year old Kobe

Doesn't play much PNR basketball or isn't asked to

Questionable shot selection 

Takes a lot of contested shots 

Isn't much of a playmaker 


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