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POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 215 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Louisville

CLASS: Sophomore


*Lacks ideal height for an NBA 2 guard but is strong and has good length to compensate some

*Explosive athlete with a quick first step and can play above the rim on lobs/open drives

*Shoots from all levels in transition. Will pull up from 3/midrange and gets to the rim

*Can move too fast on the break and miss the finish too strong off the glass, with him flying out of bounds

*Does have the makings of a nice euro step and a quick spin move he flashes in transition

*Has a decent handle but lacks the creativity of primary ballhandlers on the next level

*In the second half of his sophomore year, he grew into a much better shooter with signs of NBA range     

*Still more streaky than deadeye shooter, capable of huge runs and droughts

*Solid shot mechanics and he’s improving his consistency

*Good lift on his jumper and he can catch and set quickly in spot up

*Struggles shooting coming off pin downs and flare screens. 

*Doesn’t fully square his body and fades to whatever direction he was moving in originally

*Can hit the one dribble pull up when attacking closeouts and the step back jumper

*Could really use a floater package but it’s not in his game right now. Can get there much easier than the rim… tends to push it too far

*Can finish at the rim with both hands but struggles in traffic

*Can get the occasional tip dunk but generally struggles finishing after an offensive rebound

*Creates separation with picks and DHOs

*Very effective PNR ballhandler on the left side of the floor driving to his right

*Equally very ineffective on the other side. Struggles shooting when going to his left and he’s small to finish along the baseline

*Can split the defenders and finish the play in the middle of the floor

*Can drive and kick a little but generally pulls up off ball screens from 3 and deep 2s

*Decent vision out of the PNR. Can find the roll man and crosscourt shooters

*Doesn’t always put passes in the best place for his teammate to make a quick move


*Not a physical defender

*Tries to take a step off the ball and use his length to his advantage

*Doesn’t play with a good stance consistently, too upright

*A bit jumpy defending the ball but slides his feet decently when he’s in a good defensive stance

*Can also be pushed around in the post and in rebounding situations

*Had zone responsibilities but didn’t fight for post position and is fairly easy to pin by the rim

*Has sneaky quick hands but can gamble for steals and pick up fouls/give up baskets

*Has decent timing on the shot blocking attempts in his zone

*Does a good job contesting shooters when he closes out but susceptible to quick drives off the ball fake

*If he’s blown by at the 3 point line, he’s no longer a factor in the play unless the offense resets



Donovan Mitchell is a more of combo guard than point guard. He's got talent in the PNR, he splits hedges like you want guys to do. He's got a strong frame with long arms which should allow him to get away with playing the 2 even though he's probably 6'3". Mitchell is a good athlete. 


Just watching Mitchell shoot, you'd think he was a great shooter but he only shoots 39% from the floor and 35% from 3. He struggles to finish in traffic and looks a lot like inefficient scorer. I think he can play but he'll need to be lights out from 3 to stick around. 


Great mechanics

Strong frame with long arms 

Combo guard

Good athlete 

Plays like a less athletic Eric Gordon

Good in PNR, splits hedges 

Good playmaker 



Does he shoot well enough to stick?

Is he a shooter or a scorer? (35% from 3)

Inefficient (39% fg)

Struggles to finish in traffic 


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