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BIRTHDATE: 2/19/96

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'10"

WEIGHT: 240 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Michigan

CLASS: Sophomore

There's a lot to like about DJ Wilson. He's a great athlete at the 4 and looks like he might even be able to plays some 3. Michigan ran a spread out offense similar to what you in the league and Wilson was a tough cover. When he wasn't knocking down threes, Wilson showed a good touch around the basket. He has the mobility to switch out on guards in PNR and he also proved to be a pretty good rim protector (1.5 bpg.) His reported 7'3" wingspan is a good thing, too. 


Wilson just isn't a good rebounder. As athletic as he is, you'd like to see him more active on the glass. Against Oklahoma State in the first round, he was abused on the defensive glass (against a very good offensive rebounding team.) Even his rebound percentage was much lower than Kyle Kuzma's who is a similar athlete. He's a really good shooter but he's going to have to add NBA range. I can't remember seeing him roll to the basket very often. And I wonder what took him so long to break out at Michigan. 



Great athlete at the 4

Good shooter with a quick release 

Should have the ability to play the 3

Decent handle 

Good touch around the basket 

Defensively capable of guarding multiple positions 

Good shot blocker 

 7'3" wingspan 




Will he rebound?

He athletes for rebounds instead of boxing out

Is he 3pt shot legit?

NBA range?


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