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POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: 180 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore

Devon Dotson.png


  • Lightning fast speed

  • Quick first step

  • Has burst and change of direction off the dribble

  • Good ball handler

  • Good finisher at the rim

  • Understands how to shield off and avoid shot blockers

  • Plays with toughness and aggression

  • Fearless driver

  • Efficient from the floor

  • Shot a respectable 36% from 3 as a freshman


  • Has a tendency to pick up dribble

  • Basic drive and kick court vision

  • Needs to add a floater or mid range game

  • Must improve consistency on jump shot

  • Playmaking for others


Kansas sophomore Devon Dotson is coming off a good freshman campaign where he averaged 12.3 ppg 3.5 apg and 3.7 rpg.

Dotson is a blessed with a lightning quick first step and blazing speed in the open court. He's also a good finisher around the rim, a respectable shooter from 3 (36% as a freshman) and uses his speed to put pressure on defenses.

i2020 is a deep point guard class and Dotson is considered a late 1st round pick at this point in the season. I'd love to see him improve his pace and add a mid range game and floater to his arsenal. I'd also like to see him improve as a passer. He's a solid drive and kick passer, but will need to improve his passing instincts and court vision.

Rafael Barlowe - November 11, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 9.25.18 PM.png
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