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POSITION: Small Forward

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 200 lbs


CLASS: Junior


*Good height and length for an NBA SF

*A little on the thin, and seems to have trouble gaining weight

*Good athlete, who moves smoothly and is a good leaper in the open floor

*Runs the break hard, likes to get out onto the wings and maintains good spacing

*Dangerous shooter when he flares out to the wing and can also finish lobs with authority

*Limited ball skills but effective 

*Over 60% of his points come in transition and spot up opportunities

*Nice shooting stroke out to NBA range when he sets his feet

*Consistent shooting mechanics with little wasted motion

*Gets good lift on his shot with a high release point

*Able to hit with a hand in his face

*Struggles on long 2s but doesn’t take many of them

*Moves around the perimeter to create passing lanes for the ballhandler

*Capable of attacking closeouts with straight line drives or a pull up once he gets deep into the defense

*Drives almost exclusively to his right after ball faking and struggles when he tries to get all the way to the rim

*Decent touch on his rarely used floater

*Inconsistent footwork when shooting on the move, also tends to fade or lean when pulling up off the dribble

*Struggles as a ballhandler when asked to do anything outside of drive in a straight line

*Rarely used as a PNR ballhandler

*Doesn’t really run his man into the screen

*Looks to get to the rim, seems to pull up as a last resort if his drive is stopped

*These pull up jumpers are highly contested and he struggles with them

*Rarely isolates but tends to drive to his right when he does

*Infrequent playmaker from a passing perspective and can be a bit erratic with his pass placement

*Recognizes ball watchers and will cut backdoor or flash to the middle

*Soft touch on his short jumper in the middle of the paint

*Capable of tip dunks but struggles to finish his offensive rebound opportunities when he has to bring it down and go back up in traffic


*Has the tools to be a multipositional defender

*Plays with a cushion rather than pressuring the ball hard

*Moves his feet very well, can beat his man to his spot

*Uses his length to get a good contest on pull up jumpshots

*Stays with his man through the possession

*Keeps his hands up when the ballhandler gets near the rim

*Can take an extra step towards the ball in help defense

*Closes out aggressively to compensate for that extra step

*Breaks down and changes direction quickly when shooters attack the closeout

*Can get really hung up on good screens but generally does a good job fighting through/around them

*A little late contesting pull ups off ball screens

*A chasedown block threat for guards going to the basket off the screen

*Understands how to funnel a player towards help

*Allows post players to establish deep position without too much of a fight, susceptible to being sealed off

*Not a physical presence after the catch

*Keeps his hands up without reaching over too much

*Bigger players easily create separation with some contact, then float a jump hook over him

*Has the speed and instincts to smother face ups

*Can get lost when put through a maze of off ball screens

*Tries to take shortcuts and smart players can use it against him with cutting

*A little more out of control with his closeouts when chasing a player off a screen or a dribble hand off

Devin Robinson is a rangy or maybe its Florida's jerseys. He's got grea mechanics on his jumper and gets good elevation. He's very athletic and is good for a couple of dribbles when chased off the line. He looks like the prototype 3 and D guy. 


With all the length and athleticism, he's going to bail you out with a contested pull up jumper. He rarely gets to the line. He's not very creative off the dribble either. He seems like a permanent potential guy. He's got the tools to be better than a spot up shooter. Why has it taken him to his junior to become an 11 ppg scorer. 





Can put the ball on the floor

Good jumper mechanics 

Good elevation on his jumper off the dribble 

Very athletic 





Settles for pull up jumpers when you chase him off the line

Not very creative off the dribble (no step backs or advanced dribbles)

Stiff off the dribble 

Why hasn't he broke loose yet

Low FT attempts 

Permanent potential guy 

Shot selection 


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