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BIRTHDATE: 5/26/2000


HEIGHT: 6'7"


SCHOOL/ TEAM: North Carolina State

CLASS: Sophomore




  • Unique high energy slashing wing that rebounds like a big

  • Good size and athleticism for an NBA wing

  • Aggressive rebounder on both ends

  • Natural point guard/ point forward 

  • Good ball handler; Can create his own shots off the dribble

  • Rebound and run threat; Turns rebounds into fast breaks

  • High energy; blue collar 

  • Good athlete jumping off 2 feet

  • Quick 1st step; gets downhill on DHO’s

  • Active cutter; moves with a purpose

  • Unselfish; loves to drive and kick 

  • Matchup problem in college due to versatility 

  • Transition playmaker; filling the lanes or passing ahead 

  • Vertical lob threat

  • Big time free throw generator 

  • Excellent scoring instincts as a slasher

  • Isolation scorer in spacer; only looking to drive 

  • Tough and competitive; plays bigger than his size

  • Shawn Marion type rebounder


  • Inefficient shooter

  • Lacks touch; Soft touch finishes around the  rim 

  • Struggles shooting off the dribble

  • Average FT shooter

  • Turnover prone

  • Must get stronger

It’s time to stop sleeping on NC State ball player Dereon Seabron. I labeled him a ball player because he’s the epitome of positionless. It's unfair to him to box him into a label of a position.


Listed at 6’7” 180 pounds. He’s easily one of the most unique prospects I’ve scouted. At times he looks like a natural point guard with his feel as a passer and playmaker. But he’s also a high level slasher that has the handle and shake & bake to his game to breakdown defenses with his drives to the rim. 


NC state has done a good job in maximizing his versatility and running plays to get him matched up in space where he blows by defenders and gets to the rack where he does nearly all his scoring damage.


At this point in his career he’s not a very good shooter, teams know it and he’s still getting to the rim at will. Kinda like Giannis in the sense you know he’s looking to get downhill on every possession and he ends up… Getting downhill. 


Now remember, I mentioned he only weighs 180 lbs and college basketball doesn’t have the same spacing as the NBA and in some cases is more physical due to the lanes being congested. So he’s taking a lot of punishment everytime he attacks the hoop..


You can’t help but love his competitive fire and toughness. It takes a different level of ruggedness and a certain mindset to make your living at the rim at playing at a buck 180. 82.8% of his shots are at the rim. EIGHTY TWO POINT 8 PERCENT!!


If you just looked at the percentage of his shots at the rim and his rebounding numbers, you’d think he was a traditional back to the basket center, but he's far from it. Seabron is a relentless rebounder. Relentless! We rarely see a player with his skills with the mindset of a scrappy role player.. He just wants it more than everyone else on the floor.. 


I’m a believer that motor, energy and playing hard is a skill set. He’s getting to the free throw line over 6x per game just off his energy and activity…


We’ve seen super talented prospects with subpar motors and then we have undersized wings like Seabron who play much, much bigger than his size. He has a little Shawn Marion in his game as far as being a wing that out rebounds bigs who are 4 inches taller and outweigh him by 40-50 pounds..


He’s currently averaging 10 boards per game, highlighted by 18 rebound game vs Nebraska. Oh and he also chipped in 39 points and shot 17-20 from the free throw line vs my home state Huskers. 

On the college level Seabron is a matchup nightmare as he’s a threat to turn rebounds into fast breaks for himself or creating opportunities for teammates by passing the ball ahead. He’s what I call a transition playmaker as he able to lead the break, fill the lanes or make plays for his teammates..


Seabron’s passing and court vision really make him a unique prospect… On paper he’s averaging 3.3 assists per game which is good but it’s not going to raise any eyebrows. But I believe he’s a much better passer than the numbers indicate. 


He’s unselfish and does a good job of finding teammates in drive and kick situations. 


The biggest flaw in his game is his jumper. As of today he’s only converted 5 of the 29 jump shots he’s attempted. 


But I love his versatility, passing and his toughness. He’s currently top 20 in the nation in rebounding at 180 pounds.. Which is still mind blowing to me. He’s trending upwards and his position less style of play fits the modern day NBA..


AND That is why Dereon Seabron is one of my top sleeper prospects for the 2022 NBA Draft..

Rafael Barlowe - January 8, 2022

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