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BIRTHDATE: 5/28/98

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore


Size- Only decent size for a combo guard; Excellent length to compensate for what he lacks in height; Strong frame which he uses on both ends.

Athleticism- Very good athlete who easily plays above the rim. Quick in the open floor. Has the burst to play passing lanes on defense

Transition Finisher- Effective getting to the rim in the open floor. Can finish with both hands in traffic. Uses his length to keep the ball away from defenders. Gets about 1/3 of his points in transition. 

Defensive potential- Has all the physical tools to be an excellent defender. Has the length and strength to defend both guard positions. Applies strong ball pressure and fights hard through screens. Quick, active hands. Contests off the dribble shots very well.

Secondary Creator- Has a ways to go but shows increasing ability to drive and kick and find the roll man in PNR. Has decent vision but needs work hitting teammates in the shooting pocket. 

Nose for the ball- Active in passing lanes and sticky hands when stunting towards post players. Good rebounder for his size, will go and get it


Shooting- Has a slight hitch in his shooting motion and shoots on the way down of his jump. Really struggles off the dribble with most of his shots falling short. Takes a lot of contested shots. FT% is decent so there’s hope he can improve. 

Shot creation- Has difficulty gaining separation without a screen in the half court. Even when he does separate, he needs to get all the way to the rim to be effective. His athleticism doesn’t translate to his first step. In addition to improved shooting, he needs a developed floater. 

Decision Making- Many of his off the dribble jumpers are off balance and highly contested. Will force passes that aren’t there, especially in transition. Doesn’t have primary ballhandler instincts.

 Defensive Focus- Has mental lapses in off ball defense. Can be caught ball watching and gambling too much for steals. Can get lost when put through multiple off ball actions and takes poor angles trying to shoot the gap at times








BARLOWE - , 2017


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