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POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: 175 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Louisville

CLASS: Senior





Here is a breakdown of Snider's possessions over the 2016-17 season


Decent size for an NBA PG....Underwhelming length....Below average athlete...Struggles mightily finishing at the rim (40.4%) and doesn't have a developed floater...He doesn't have the length or explosion to create separation on his drives...

Also doesn't generate free throw attempts (2.9 per game in 31 minutes)...Doesn't have an advanced ballhandling skill set but protects the ball well

Lack of creativity with the ball makes him a rarely used and poor isolation player...Struggles as a scorer on the break when he's the primary ballhandler...Doesn't finish well in the paint and isn't effective on his transition pull up jumpers...Does much better when he gets out on the wing and spots up, especially from the right wing...Doesn't fare well vs man defense in the halfcourt (34%, 0.8 ppp), much better vs zone (48%, 1.1 ppp)

Good stand still shooter with a smooth shooting motion out to NBA range...Doesn't fully square his body up to the rim

Struggles a bit when he's "too open"...Rarely shoots from pin downs and off ball screening and hasn't been effective when doing so

Does a good job shifting to the open spot when spotting up...Doesn't often attack closeouts looking to score

Good PNR player....Most effective at the top of the key going to his right or on the left wing going to the his right(middle of the floor)

Sets his man up consistently to hit the screen and create separation....Uses the PNR to set up his dribble jumper

Pulls up from 3 when the defender goes under the screen or the pick causes a quick switch....Also likes to pull up around the elbows coming off the screen....Finishes better at the rim off PNR action than in most others but the same size is small....Good timing on his pick and pop passing

Shows ability to hit the roll man but can get "lob happy" and throw ill advised passes into traffic...He sees the pocket pass but isn't consistent with his ability to hit it smoothly.....Doesn't collapse the defense  and kick out to shooters....Mostly sticks to the perimeter, doesn't look to find holes in the defense to be used as a cutter




Doesn't have the lateral quickness to stay in front of quick guards...Gets beat on the first step and gives up straight line drives

Does stay with the play and on the  ballhandler's hip when beat but doesn't provide any chase down potential...Foul prone when guarding in space

Struggles to keep players out of the paint but if he can force a pull up jumper, he does a good job contesting...

Does a poor job defending spot up shooters...Gives them too much cushion or is too aggressive with his help off of them

Can get lost when forced to switch more than once in a possession...Does a decent job on the shooter when he can force them to put the ball on the ground....Dies on ball screens too often and forced to switch...Slow getting around them and trailing the play when he doesn't switch

Does a better job fighting through off ball screens

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